How to Download Won’t Cry from YouTube

2019-10-18 07:44:57

1Won’t Cry

Jay Chou, a famous Chinese singer, dropped his first new music in a year last night and it soon went viral on the Chinese internet. The new track, accompanied on the piano, features another megastar Ashin from Mayday, a popular Chinese band. The new track sold 2 million copies in its first hour and the number is still rising significantly. Those 2 million copies sold mainly across streaming platforms in China, like QQ Music, Kugou, and Kuwo and earned the song 11 million RMB (1.5 million USD).

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This new track is absolutely a big hit in China and even many other countries. This is a gentle song talking about life after a heart-broken breakup, like what is said in the lyrics, "

I left you sadly alone, without even trying to get you back / You said you will let go / and you won’t cry”. It seems like the breakup was not what they really wanted, but they had to do that. “We’ve been through too much / and you still care about how they think of me / Explaining that it’s not my fault / You’re the one who wanted to leave”.

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Jay Chou was one of a number of Taiwanese stars to dominate the charts in the Chinese mainland throughout the ’00s and his hits still have a special place in the hearts of China’s millennial pop fans. The hit of this song is the best example of that. Some comments from YouTube express that they don’t understand their language but they respect good music. And a comment says that “A Chinese song, with no guns, sex, and violence trending No.1 in the U.S, truly interesting times.”

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2Love confession

This gentle song, inspired by the beautiful scenes of France, reminds people of the feelings of first love which is kind of sweet and sincere. This song talks about the sweet feeling of falling in love. It is considered as a good song to confess. Jay Chou, the song-writer, said that this song was written very fluently ad smoothly. A quite simple song attracts many people and makes them follow the melody and rhythm involuntarily.

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The music video for this song was shot in Paris and you’ll see Senna-Mann River and the Tower of Paris in it. The music video received more than 198 million on YouTube, which is quite amazing. You can download this video from YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4.

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3A selected collection

There is a selected collection of Jay Chou’s songs on YouTube including his 20 songs. This list almost covers his most famous songs but there are still many good ones uncovered. You’ll find "Love Confession", "Give me the time of a song", "The Promised Love" and other love songs on this list. There are also some songs with traditional Chinese features in their lyrics, like Blue and White Porcelain, Hair Like Snow and so on. Many of these songs are considered as their childhood or youth for a great number of post-70s, post-80s, post-90s, and even post-00s. You can save this video to your device from YouTube to MP3 by clicking the above button.

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Most of Jay Chou’s song lyrics are written by Vincent Fang. You can find a consistent style in his lyrics which is highly praised by many Chinese people, especially for Jay Chou’s fans. The lyrics feature in concise, literary and profound with beautiful words and traditional Chinese style.

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4Slow songs collection

This collection consists of 30 songs of this most popular Chinese singer. These 30 songs are all with slow melody and most are love songs. This list covers Love confession, Black jumper, Back to the past, Orange jasmine, Miles away, Her eyelash and I am not worthy. This length of this collection is 134 minutes. Just use this YouTube Downloader to easily save YouTube videos to your device .

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