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2019-10-21 04:40:12

1Young M.A - No Bap Freestyle

The song is meant to promote her upcoming debut album and will not appear on the official track listing. Young M.A is set to release her long-awaited project Herstory in the Making on September 27th independently without a major label. The track is brief, M.A raps for maybe 2 minutes, but she entertains during that short period of time. In the clip, the whole Red Lyfe crew is out representing on the bloc, as M.A flashes her cash and jewelry and talks to the cameras with the bars. Wordplay and street talk are thick on this one, and the visuals keep it simple.

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2Bastille - Million Pieces ft. The Chamber Orchestra of London

Following the ballad-like performance of “Divide” comes “Million Pieces.” The song is Bastille’s first foray into EDM on a major record. The band will play music festivals in the UK and across Europe from May to August in support of the album. Bastille said on Twitter that “I feel like its a track that we are super proud of. In the spirit of the mixtapes i wanted to segway off into a different tune. Our mixtapes have always nodded towards future music that we haven't yet released so the song morphs into a version of Million Pieces which is a song.” 

The song’s lyrics describe a continued struggle to not be distracted by the problems of the world and to simply enjoy a night out. In the same interview with Billboard, Dan described the song as being “about trying to come up at a party while someone has cornered you to talk about politics, and basically just saying, ‘OK cool, that stuff is important and it’s fine but please can we talk about it tomorrow, or not?’”.

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3Pink - Hurts 2B Human ft. Khalid

This new track was released on Sept. 17 as the fourth single and the title track of Pink’s eighth studio album Hurts 2B Human. It was released four days before the album. The moody video features scenes of New York City individuals in their apartments, undergoing the daily stresses of life, fighting with a spouse, receiving an upsetting text message. There is also something positive like being cheered up by a friend.  

The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart of the United States, selling 115,000 album-equivalent units in the week ending May 2. It is also her third album to top the chart. In the United Kingdom, the album debuted at the top of the UK Albums Chart, with first week sales of 48,861 copies. It also topped the chart in some other countries, like Australia.

This track received generally positive reviews on many streaming sites. Some comments are saying like “Pink’s music always makes me want to be a better person”. People have seen something positive in this song. If you want to save this track to your device, you can do it through this YouTube Converter.

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4Thomas Rhett - Remember You Young

This sentimental song really makes TR’s fans gushing. Its title, similar to many of his recent songs and albums, holds significant meaning - it is one of the streets in his hometown of Tennesse, While his last album featured how crazy his adult life changed, this one is going to focus on life growing up. The music video for this track talks about what happened to the couple from marry me, which is so surprised for many of his fans.

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5Green Day - Father of All

This new track was released as the lead single from the thirteenth studio album of the American rock band Green day. Lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong has stated that “Rock and roll sometimes have become so tame because a lot of rock acts are always trying to look for the feel-good song of the year or something” while he considers this song make people feel bad. This music video shows a narrator in the middle of a chaotic world where everyone is causing riots and fighting. Contrasting to previous Green Day lyrics, the song has no direct political statement. Instead, it shows the band playing haywire punk to ‘bring back the balls to rock and roll’. The verses of the song also present a new vocal style for Armstrong, pitching a higher falsetto voice.

The band stated on YouTube that “We wanted to make something about dancing. Anxiety. Tribalism. Joy.. and straight-up violence. It’s the history of us. Meaning all of us.” In this case, they also prepare a new video for the kid. Some even joked and said “My Name is Billie Joe Armstrong and I don't know how to Age.”

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6Tove Lo - Sweettalk my Heart

Sweettalk My Heart, a moody mid-tempo bop, is the fifth single to the new upcoming album.  She talked about the title that “It ties in with the lynx. This cartoon cat (featured on the artwork) is an extension of me and part of the new music. She’s super cute, but she does stupid shit like getting in fights and getting fucked up. It’s how I feel the album sounds.” The music videos for this track is about her singing, dancing, and twisting in a room alone with dim light.

“‘Sweettalk My Heart’ is weirdly my happy love song. In a way, I’m asking the person I love to lie to me; promise things we both know we can’t know if we can keep. Because nobody knows the future,” Lo said in a press release. “But it’s about believing what you’re both feeling in the present -- that you’ll love each other forever. It might be naïve, but I think that’s good. Being realistic about love makes it impossible to fully feel it.”

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7Dreamville - Under The Sun ft. J. Cole, DaBaby & Lute

This song was released as the first track on the label’s album Revenge of the Dreamers III and debuted at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 10 on the Rolling Stone Top 100, becoming the label's highest charting song on both charts. It also marks the first collaboration between North Carolina artists J. Cole, Lute, and DaBaby. Collaborator Kendrick Lamar also makes an uncredited surprise appearance, providing vocals for the song’s chorus. The song’s accompanying music video was released on September 16th , 2019.

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8Alicia Keys - Show Me Love ft. Miguel

Alicia Keys kicked off the launch of her seventh studio album on September 17th with the release of the vulnerable "Show Me Love" featuring Miguel. It is also Keys’ second release in 2019 and arrives three years since her last album “Here” is a sultry guitar-led collaboration with Miguel. “Show Me Love” is a graceful, stripped-back track about two people surrendering to each other, singing like “Show me love / Treat it like we freakin’ on the weekend / Show me love / I eat up the seconds times and reasons / For your love / This is not the season for nobody else but us / I always get wrapped up in you baby / I’m In love”. 

The song features guitar from Raphael Saadiq, a man who has been making graceful and beautiful neo-soul since the late’80s, when it was basically still just soul. Some said that Miguel and Alicia’s voice compliment each other so well, they really appreciate this simple but beautiful song as with any Miguel song.

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9Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel

This All-Star team up track was released on Sept. 13, 2019 as the lead single from the soundtrack to the 2019 file Charlie’s Angels. "Don't Call Me Angel" debuted at number thirteen on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song also started at number two on the Digital Songs chart with 26,000 downloads sold and number eleven on the Streaming Songs chart with 26.3 million streams. It received mixed reviews from critics. But it seems Lana’s part is more impressing for most listeners.

The music video for this track features the singers dressed up in black angel costumes and wearing wings on their backs. The ending featured Elizabeth Banks showcasing her role as Susan Bosley from the film. Wanna save it to your device? Click the above button to do it with this YouTube Converter.

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10Mandy Moore - When I wasn’t Watching

This midtempo track was released as the first single from her upcoming untitled seventh studio album. The song is a chilled-out pop ballad with a rocking edge and her first original song in over a decade. It finds Moore taking a deep look inside to figure out what kind of person she’s become. She sings over a chugging beat and a chorus of backing vocals.

In a statement accompanying the song, Moore explained the depth of feeling she shares in the lyrics. "The idea of diving back into music after so much time and personal change was really intimidating to me for a while," she said.

"But then I finally realized: I'm the only person who can make this move. It all has to start with me... I think everyone's had the experience of feeling lost and not quite understanding how you've found yourself at a certain point in your life. And I think the key is not to judge yourself for that. I'm a big believer in the idea that what you've journeyed through is ultimately going to factor into the person you become, and how you'll greet whatever big challenge you face next." Many people said they are glad to see she is still making music.

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