How to Download Hot Videos with PB Downloader Totally for Free?

2019-11-05 08:11:05

Download hot videos with PB Downloader for FREE

PB Downloader

PB Downloader

A totally FREE & reliable video Downloader is out here!

Wanna download hot videos for FREE? 

Wanna download various hot videos from a lot of sites?

What you really need is a powerful video Downloader with an intuitive interface and fast download speed. PB Downloader is absolutely what you are looking for.


A Guide to PB Downloader

From time to time, you may find it difficult to come across a perfect video downloader with a wide range of supported sites, pretty fast speed and intuitive interface, especially when it comes to some R-rated videos.

Considering such a demand, we have made efforts to work out a relatively good video downloader for you all. Extremely fast speed, easy-to-use interface, and also a great number of supported sites.  

This PB Downloader runs on Android OS, it's dedicated to download videos on a smartphone from many hot video websites. 


If you have finished installing the app, then dive into the next part of this article to check how to use it for the most part. If you haven’t installed it yet, please click PB Downloader to download it now. 


Install PB Downloader on your Android phone

Before moving to the operation part, let’s check out something during your installation process. Your phone may ask you if you want to install this unknown sourced app, please tap "YES".

If your phone prohibited the installing from an unknown source, you probably have to change the settings to allow this download.


Step #1 Choose a video

free video downloader

On the home page, some hot website icons are listed for you. All the videos on these websites are supported to be saved in HD quality. You can also click More to see many other sites that we support, up to 1000+ websites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Slide down you will see the recommended hot videos. These videos are caught from PB Downloader so that you can view the latest hot videos even without moving to the original websites.

If you want to download videos here, you can paste the URL of the video into the top input box or browse the webpage to find a video you want.


Step #2 Download a video

video downloader for android


After you open the video you want to download, you will see a "Download" icon at the right-bottom corner of your screen. Tap that icon and this video will be added to the download list immediately. 

Generally, PB Downloader only allows you to download 5 videos at the same time, and each download task will have 5 threads to extremely speed up the download process.

It will download the best quality by default. You are allowed to check the progress by clicking the download icon on the footer and the interface is as follows. When it finishes, you can move to “Video” to check your downloaded videos.

video downloader app


Step #3 Download videos as many as possible

fast video downloader


After installing, everyone can only download 5 videos on a daily basis. What's if 5 downloads are not enough?

Three methods for you to solve this problem.

1. Log in with your own account

If you log in with your Google or Facebook account, however, you will get access to 5 more daily downloads, so now you can download 10 videos per day.

2. Daily tasks

You can increase your daily downloads by doing targeted tasks. Browsing web pages on our app for every 15 seconds will allow you to download one more video that day. The daily upper limit is 10 downloads in total.

3. Invite friends

You can invite your friends with your own invitation code to increase your daily downloads. When your friends finish installing the app, ask them to use your code, so that you and your friends will both increase the daily downloads.


Your settings

free online video downloader

You can click the Settings button to check your settings including the download directory, download only with WiFi and etc.


We really hope you enjoy your downloads on PB Downloader. Besides, regarding free online video downloader, YouTuFab is your cake where you are free to finish YouTube New Music Videos Free Download, watch YouTube music videos, download free mp3 music, and know a little more about free movie trailers. Here you will get what you want on video/audio download.


Click COPY to copy the video address and move to YouTuFab to download it

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