Makeup - Yelawolf Lyrics

Everybody wear make-up sometimes man
But you gotta walk outside
And let that rain, just wash it off man
Look at what's around you man
How people got it bad man, you know what I'm saying?

[Verse 1]
Say no more, I need music to get me by
Simple beats, simple life, and a simple rhyme
Momma taught me to hustle for piece of mind
Never thought I'd get caught in this long line
For the truth, I don't worship a stone or shrine
Put my faith in the pen, now let me fly
Through the wind of the rhythm I hold tight
On the streets of Seattle, in cold nights
Father give me the strength to continue
Oversee all the prayers I send you
My heart's open to people who love back
Put my soul in a song, am I wrong for that?
Never was, some how I still catch flak
If agreeing, why they fight over white or black
Keep the vision of peace but I still shoot
I'm a rebel for reasons you won't prove

Just look at the sunshine
In the morning when you wake up
Go stand in the rain
And let it wash off all your make-up
Pick up a flower
Look at a rainbow
Even the lightning and the thunder
What we here for?

[Verse 2]
When this gets too heavy to carry sometimes
I break down and just let it fall from my eye
Even though it still hurt when I get back up on my feet
To see that nobody's seen me cry
Waters waters a Havel for pain
Devil he came, and he walked in the skies
But I throw it the opposite name
Reason I came, to open up your eyes
And whatever I say, know that I mean well
Every last word that I spitted
This is all I want to be
So to give you my all
I make sure it's in every sentence
This poet ain't fake no
From the mouth of a fresh spree
Hot beats so, from up under the dirt roads
And the concrete, from my people with no clothes


[Verse 3]
So many times I thought of suicide
Giving up is the easiest way to die
Put my life in the barrel and go to sleep
Never witness the birth of my own seed
Never had the will power to graduate
Went to too many schools to keep an A
Carry pipes in my bag, smoking at lunch
Away from reality all at once
I saw momma outside on the porch crying
Saying she can't pay the rent but she really trying
Would I be embarrassed to get food stamps?
Daddy never came home from the school dance
Ashamed of the way that I been feeling
Selfish enough to give up on living
When she made it this far
Working at a bar
With no where to turn but the sunshine

[Hook x2]

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