Faded Remix - V-Dash Lyrics

Faded like a taper (Like) wrinkled up paper (Like)
Jeans in the store that say Glory on the label (Like)
That little knob sitting in between turn tables (Like)
Porn channels when they all SCRAMBLED on cable (Like)
Echos in a hallway (Like) Employees on an off day (Like)
Cop sirens real far away you feel all safe (Like)
Kareem Abdul Jabbar j's, Pastel colors on paper during art day (Like)
Bishop falling in Juice (Like) Beats Jazzy produced (Like)
Luna Vachon haircuts (Like) Clothes from FUBU (Like)
A child's temper tantrum turned to a boohoo (Like)
A shirt washed too many times but still new (Like)
Movies credits, Coogi sweaters, Doobie sessions (Like)
Pencil lead erased but you still see impressions (Like)
A homonym for life with no choice of direction (Like)
A car with plain primer no paint nuttin' (Like)

V-Dash - If Words Were Nerves..... Coming Soon

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