Noreminati Remix - T.Y Feat. Hux - TY (Genius) Lyrics

Verse 1

We're all a bunch of animals, I don't believe in cannibals
Eating to survive, fuck a good manner role
It's newlands, no foolin, swag always coolin
Hoopin bongs got me droolin, speak fluent
Remain non-responsive I am awesome
I don't listen, annoyed by this and Christmas
I have spoke and risin
Strictly toke and kissin
Whip wishin, tryna live free like Sid Vicious
Just another name on that family list
Real talk is what this is, straight business
Red laces and a gold ring, a good man's thing
Paper over vag, we just a fling
Eyes scattered around the globe
Truths been told, red robe, on our knees, testin God and Jeez
Consider this a devilish deed
This that BV World Order
Pockets full of kush quarters and power on both shoulders
I'm colder than any polar shift, real speaking kid always ripped
Flip and destroy, a bomb on deploy
Goons employed, good decoys

Verse 2
Basically livin tellin my story
Pace-fully drivin to get my money, a fuckin Downtown junkie
Enter this shit raisin hell, straight forward through the bullshit I propel
Antipersonnel, can't throw this down
You'll get run-down in my city
Smokin this shit called skunk sticky, fuck with me and you'll get punked quickly
Stupid bitties
Sickly rip it up, hickies ain't enough
Easily read your bluff
Bitch, get the fuck out, reroute
Get the fuck gone
Tell your real boyfriend bring it on
I'm a Villon and my obligation is to kill
Haters say what you will
Young community with an opportunity
We smart, but stupidly
Blood-shot groovin
Over-using booze absolutely bruising you
What the fuck you gonna do, streets a zoo
Slang outta pouches to make due
Hood kangaroos, get a goal, pursue

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