I’m Back - T.I. Lyrics

I never let you down, I’ma shine on sight
Keep your mind on your grind and off of mines, alright?
Hard I'm gonna ball, on them squares I float
Quarter-million dollar cars everywhere I go
I know in the lead it may seem he might be
But no matter what they doing, they don’t do it like me
Like a G I hold it down for the town I’m at
In a flash like that
Recognize I'm back!
Strike a match, catch a fire

[Verse 1]
Any moment I decide that's enough of all your lies
Boy, your buzz just died
Step inside, super-fly, to the shoes in their coupe
Then exit out with all the bitches like we always do
My desire to retire grow with every new crew
Cause these guys, they don't ride like my nigga, you too
Tight jeans, funny haircuts dancing on the screen
There's a drought of real niggas in the game, so it seems
Just pretend to holla, pimping, give the shit a black eye eye
Next he say he trapping in my head I’m like: "why?"
Be yourself; you ain't got a pimp bone in your body
I can tell you ain't never bought a key or caught a body
Nigga probably just seen Wayne, Gucci Mane
Me and Boosie all go to prison
Now he flipping hoes, every nigga tripping
Listen dude, for you that ain't in the cards
Thank the power's in the guns
But overall it's in your heart
Nowadays I don’t know what's up with niggas in the A
Guess he think he in the game but he really in the way:
Violating. I was having conversations in the joint
But guess who done it? And I promised I would put you on point
I’m disappointed in you, dogg, you ain't hold it down at all
But I ain't going at your jaw, just going to show you how to ball
Standing tall through the storm, on the yard or in the dorms
Cats in prison who expecting me to represent for them


[Verse 2]
Strike a match, catch a fire, see T.I. add gas
What's a Molotov cocktail that never break a glass
Still I am, partnas want to come for me you better bring it
I ain’t mad I forgive them, God I know they ain't mean it
Yeah I seen it all before, hate I'm popping and they ain't
Wrack they brain try to think how to stop it and they can’t
Ain't that lame, but then that hatred manifest to pure malice
I’m no longer being callous, I’m gonna let you niggas have it
Won’t be satisfied until somebody dies and I'm patiently waiting on
Me and the reaper on a first name basis now
I’m a let you make it now, stay totally out the way for you
But know that we could take it any place you wanna take it too
Hating in your blood, Cuz. Yes, it’s just too late for you
All I could do is pray for you or organize a wake for you
Your choice, clearly I ain't hearing your voice
Keep it up an Imma send you ass to chill wit Aunt Joyce
Hey, you can have the bottom, partner I'm up in the sky box
I got shit locked down nigga why stop now
I'm so above you, hover over suckers why drop down
I’m so profound, it goes down, and I never let you down

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