Don’t Turn - The Next R.E.V.Olution Lyrics

I bring more soul than a song from a slave
Whole crowd shake hard ‘cause I got them amazed
Causing that Labrynth earthquake is on my agenda
I'm all the rage, you just bring the Tinie Tempah
We stay, fly as feathers, you couldn’t write it better
These MC’s acting bleaker than Michael Cera
And it’s making me bored like Chinese Checkers
So now it’s time for me to get my rhymes together

Hotter than black peppers, got records like a clerk
Take long to be released, Nelson Mandela
So prepare for my flow so rare
I don’t beat around the Bush, no Tony Blair
I give guerilla warfare, ‘cause ‘em kids wanna raid the jungle
You’re all digging this, be bringing the spade and shovel
You can’t see me on this lyrical crazy hustle
That’s the naked truth, I’m invisible, Jason Russell

Watch me get it on like Marv Gaye
Spitting large flame, the dragon that you can’t slay
Now I’m big time in a hard game
But I had to start little like Malcolm’s last name
Struggling to keep my head strong
I’m trying to live my dream, so I’m sorry if you’re slept on
I get on, playing the next song
Until they decide that Young Fro should get gone

Pour my heart and soul on the M.I.C
Efforts never in vain, not on the IV
Want to hear the sickest noise, I can help you fill void
You can taste the Flava, anytime that I bring the noise
Little boy turned to a real guy with a voice
Young black star but I still roll with Du Bois
Walk like a warrior, you know that I been deployed
Now I want to see everybody up in this rejoice

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