The Entered Apprentice - The Lost Children of Babylon Lyrics

The Freemasons celebrate the parallel of the creation of the tower
In the physical world and it's creation in the inner, mental, or spiritual world
The metaphor of building an architecture embodied in Freemasonry shows the parallel path what it takes to build
Both the tower outside of us and inside of us

[Verse 1: Rich Raw]
Palestinian Rabbi, Himalayan Magi
Slaughter Of The Seagulls, Daughter Of The Eagles
Black Bart Walks On The Borders Of The Needles
Entered Apprentice, Centered At Memphis
Ninja In The Cloak, Who Was Sent For The Tempest
Famous Flamethrower, Nick-Named Noah
Monk An A Mosque, I'm Sekenre Toa
Child Of A Widow In The Isles of Megiddo
Great Snake Waits In An Egg Shaped Lake
Arch Angelic, The Dark Sand Zealot
Buffalo Soldiers, Knuckles Hold Cobras
Shield Made Of Nickel, On A Hill Lay The Sickle
Story Of The Twin Warriors In Euphoria
Arch Diocese Assault Fire Fist
Hear The Silent Cries From The Book Of Malachi
One Eye Samurai, Finger Tips Grip The Great White
Eight Lights, The Night Sun Rise
Slave In The Moat, The Rope That Unties
Tasmanian Warlock, Iranian War Rock
Master Pale Rasta From Masjid Al-Aqsa
From The Bands Of Akkad Whispering Hail Shaka
Catalyst For The Catechist, Hear The Loud Thunders
From The Alhambra Which Bilal Conjures
Hiram Abiff, Lies In The Mist Of The Zion Eclipse
Jehovah Gyro, Behold Elijah On The Road To Niger
We Saddle The Ostrich Do Battle With Sesostris
Eighth Omen Played The Beethoven
As Pharaoh Travels The Land Of Zerubbabel
Heard The Words Of Christ From The Gergushites
Solar Reptile, Soldier Exiled, From The Wet Cloud
Fowl Flies In The South Side Of Nineveh
The Harlot Gargle Garlic, The Sick Nordic Minister

[Verse 2: Cosmic Crusader]
Soldiers Of The Fellow Craft, The Eye In The Crux See
The Poetry Of Aldous Huxley And Cagliostro
Sealed With The Logo Of Novus Ordo
Those With Ears To Hear Will Know
The Word Form The Masters Lips When They Stand With Heel To Toe
The Deadly Blow From Three Conspirators
The Mirrored Doors Of East And West
The Southern Gate, Concealed The Fate
The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
The Killers Between The Twin Pillars
Operative And Speculative Aspects Of Trangression
The Serpents Ascension Through The Chambers Of Hatha Yoga
The Dangers What They Haven't Told You
Your Zionist Savior Didn't Die On This Paper
Drape You With The Noose
The Vatican Leads The Pace In The Wild Goose Chase
Whispers In The Vestibule, Mentally Castrate The Intellectuals
The Tantric Orgasm, Sexual Magic, The Secret Of The Ages
Before The Pages Of The Golden Fleece Was Told In Greece
The Knowledge Of The Sages Was The Mold For Peace
Bravely Complete The Task, A Degree Is Attained After Three Questions Asked
Slipshod, Hoodwinked And Hands Clasped
Release The Spirit From The Prison Of Matter, Shatter The Mask
Or To The Pits Of Nonexistence Shall Your Being Be Cast

[Verse 3: Rasul Allah 7]
He Was Taken, Kidnapped, Blindfolded And Hoodwinked
By Three Master Masons, Dragged By The Neck With A Rope Called A Cable Tow
Before Entering The Sacred Temple, I Gave Three Distinctive Knocks
The Tyler Said Recite The Sacred Word, The Door Swung Open
I Entered, Stood Erect Upon The Square, Ninety Degrees
Between The Two Pillars Of Boaz And Jachin
And Then Made The Journey Of Jacobs Ladder
With The Senior Deacon Around The Center Of The Lodge
Kneeled With My Left Knee Before The Altar
And In The Form Of The Pentacle Star, The Blazing Star
And In The Mist Lies The Three Great Lights And The Holy Bible
Placed Within It, The Compass And The Square
I Placed My Left Hand There, Now Who Appears?
The Worshipful Master Appears From The East
Places A Dagger On My Chest And Says, Who Are You?
A Poor Candidate In A State Of Darkness, Who Comes At His Own Free Will
Perfectly Prepared, Honorably Solicited And Privileged To Be Admitted
Into The Ancient Mysteries Of Masonry, Then He Said
In All Matters Of Danger, In Whom Do You Put Your Trust
In Allah, Then Recite The Solemn Oath, Never To Reveal Our Secrets
Under No Less Penalty Then My Throat Be Cut Across
My Tongue Torn Out By Its Roots And Let My Body Be Buried In Sand
Cable's Length From Shore, He Said Arise And Let The Brother Receive The Light
So As It Was Written By The Master Masons, That He Was Blinded By The Light

What is it about these ancient secret teachings?
That had made them so timeless and valuable? So saw'd after? So faithfully preserved
As the art of Masonry and building provide a shelter from the shifting conditions of the seasons
These ancient lessons might be sort of as blueprints or temples that allow one to rise above the shifty conditions of the world outside
To build a permanent residence for oneself in the realm of the Netter
To lift the mind to the consciousness out of the ever-shifting eyes and nose and external surfaces features and maintain a state of...
Stability either building or occupying the temple within

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