Radio London - The Cool Quest Lyrics

[Verse 1: The Cool Quest]
Niggas be funny
Pussy and money
Only language we cling to
Only things that we bring up
New York back homeboy what you thinking?
Don't get it twisted with my lyrical specifics
Or the words that I utter while you mutter to be the truest
About some bullshit, real I produce, prolific
This shit homie, you're a tourist, I live this
Rebel niggas, ubiquitous while they stay frivolous
All over the city with this do shows in gritty locations
Silly bitches wanna know my location
No bueno, real rap raw, fuck the radio
Niggas always turn their heads whichever way we go
Chill in houses, smell like alcohol and weed smoke
Clouds my vision, but that's all that we do
But there's more to life than that
But fuck it man, these basic niggas won't understand

[Verse 2: The Cool Quest]
Mad niggas want what they can't get
And that is respect within this rap shit
Mad spits I'm crafting, one uppers to my last hits
Blastin' Illmatic, blowin' down loud with madness
I'm not braggin', that's just how I maintain
My clever mind, forever finds mega rhymes flames
Like the fire that comes out of my Bob Marley lighter
In my boy Ray's crib, Hungry Ham down in Harlem
Bronx is what I'm reppin', no such shit as half steppin'
Front on me homie and you best to start preppin' to dip
Verbal clips send torpedos through your verses
And render everything you ever wrote down worthless
Nervous? I don't know what you heard kid
But I know you not to mess with me, intervene where I'm goin'
We on the come up, run up in your mama's crib
Run a 7 train, 11 niggas, odd figure

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