Mc’s Out To Murder The World - The Cenobites Lyrics

MC's Out To Murder The World
They Liquidated all competition

The serial chill for real we ill like Bundy
Sling skills like guns, we done real g's like money
Some feel like, once these techniques extinguish mist
The meaners with fiendish better seamers and beamers and dreamers
The extremist, lungs spilla', spun rilla' killa' manilla
Packages full, we peel a cabbages a bull
Shit performers, with devillish cleverish attitudes
Lyrics severed by latitude, chatter, I ain't mad at you
Vital organs are more than distorted in the heat of battle
Delete, get rattled when have you saddle my speakers saddle
Tattle, my clan seems sanguine in nature
Bust scams, like major crime figures in Asia
Oratator exterminator fader eliminator
Imitators will ?neek? em like they out assimilators
They innovate the evenin' news, crews be leavin' clues like jews
Two lyrical too-toos are bleedin' fools
Like eyes ease at a, copy-katter, sloppy matter of fact
These raps react like max of body rappers
You got me at the line, remember my rhyme like nine million times
Kills, like droppin' they mine fields
The sorta top hits like water droplets the faces pop shit
Ya place is six feet underground, topped, with cases
Of daffodils, raps'll kill with no remorse he tossed
Phonys lost the force of E-T, morse, the beat lost
Wield the steel like excalibur
Silence ya, all your ears yo hey
Next challenger
Check each technique, it's deeper than the first
My ?linnes? from the girth run sweeter
When you rehearse son, even if you birth one
Weapons melt in my path, my wrath is felt in ya ass
Like blast felt in ya back, it's bloody buddy
Hey, what are ya boys down to
Is this never endless, this bitch ass metaphor
I kissed this world syanora I'm tryin horror
With medicine lyin' after hour I jettison yo

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