Hot Crib - The Cenobites Lyrics


Yea you know how the fuck I do
When I be flippin' over wheelchairs with the people in em'
I drink buckets of venom, hang up I carve they skin em'
From they ears to they toes
Hope ya knows I blows out ya vertabrae so you wear bleachers so call it a day
I'm not only nasty, I'm fasty with the hypothermic needle
An eighth blood pushed it through ya head stud
Call it quits before ya dead by this New Yorker
?ya go-va oh oh hoga voga frokin frokah?
No bullets in my temple cause I duck
Or like how for the industry I buck
Like I'm watchin pistols fuck
Or get the dog fed lotion
My thoughts open that potion
?intentions of inibii take a bullet crazy?
Shits-a-sperm my dead bloody body my shotty don't know karate
Run with godfather don, put a bullet into gotti
Eight hundred and I need a body to be loved
Smoke a fuckin o-z hoes-be like 'can I get a puff?'
So the greatest stretch is like it's made of flock
A fuckin boom tapes, slaughter jack ripper
Fuck ya sista' roonmates
Fucked up, a pair of Tims will stomp a nigga dead
Still walkin' now he's got a tim-bo sym-bol on his head
Shoulda listened to my pops, stuck my grandmother for ?ducks?
Every other station ??????




My style be aidin', participatin', beratin', disintegratin'
Eatin through ate'n tracks that's already ate'n
I'm waitin' for eighty nine points-a nine mothafuckas
Packin' techs, catchin' wreck on those rackin' tech-niques
I'm rap radio, the play-b-oy no fellatio
Maybe ya motha brotha or lovah can lay me slowww
To sleep, but I'm not tired bullshit PD he needs to be fired
People need hip-hop, the flip-flop
The tip-hop I rip shop
From one to five o-clock
Hey buzz, now was it the buzzard that does it
Cause it musta been lovin' em
Other gin, I was fuckin sin
Now you want a ?disegular? tax her for lettin the less
Than the best than I enter ya rest, where's stretch?
With the bagel my stomach's growlin'
I be howlin' while you're wildin'
You better throw the fuckin' towel in
Cause when I shoot, I'm aimin' for the craniums blood
Flows like a minerals glow like uranium
Grows like geranium, toes like your name-ium
Blows like the flame in my brain I'm stayin'in em'
With the big eighty-nine tech nine
I'm on the air with stretch bobbito and cage and I'm outta here

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