The Difference - TeeJayFlow Lyrics

Girl you should know I never wanted to let you go
But the stress you put on me is overload
I've been trying to tell you things you don't understand but you would if you were sober though
I have bestowed so much love to you but you didn't show me it back so you froze my heart and now I'm livin my horoscope
You're too drunk to think about the times I devoted to a girl that gave me cold shoulder blows...
Was it the lies that I fell in love with must be cause everything you told me's so remote
Our future was nothing to you but a hokes
Now I'm at your throat because you gotta go
Because you crushed my heart when you revoked
Me in front of the man that you used for dough
And now you're ugly when you used to be so god damn beautiful
It was all a joke it's nice to know
That everything you told me was all for show
In my life you've been nothing but an obstacle
I won't waste any more time on miss impossible
But I'mma tell you one thing that you got to know
I gave you everything I thought you ought to know

You promised me, you'd honestly
Work on the things you do that bother me
You consciously, act irresponsibly
And when I call you out on it you somber me
You promised me so many things but I'm tired of hypocrisy
Said you'd sponsor me
But that was just you tryna harbor me
Used to be soft but you've become so hard to me
So pardon me, if I'm hardening
From the scar tissue left when you took parts from me
I got a big heart but not for jostling
Only concern you've got is profiting
I'm tired of your relentless squabbling
All your empty promising is toppling
Got a few words for you but not prop-osing
Wish you got a ring but I'm not harnessing
Your evil double edged sword of darkening
You're a flower that died never blossoming
I gotta stop myself from vomiting
Because you've made me sick with your disheartening
Bartering with a man that you use for all the things
He brings you and for them you'd slaughter me
A succubus girl you have got to be
Sucked my soul through my dick and all my dreams

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