A lot on my mind - TeeJayFlow Lyrics

Alright where should I start, I've been arrested on 4 felonies that I didn't commit and am pending court, the woman I'm in love with said she would help me with a great deal of things that she hasn't, and that same woman's fiance is trying to have me killed... I'm caught in the middle of all this and I'm only 18 so naturally...

How am I supposed to cope
That a woman gave me hope
And when the time came around she took it back like a rope
And she would make empty promises every time we spoke
And she groped on my dick like it was the remote
To my soul and took advantage of me in my trance
It's amazing what a girl will say for the thing in your pants
She promised me a future and then told me she can't
Because she's got way too much time invested in another man
How could I have been such a fool
I should've read the signs that she treat me like a tool
And she pooled my emotions around her and treat me cold
Never in my life have I met a girl as bold
As you
Girl what is it you're trying to do
Because the blood from my heart that you took has start to spew
But I'm starting to realize I'm just another guy in your queue
Barely a fraction of the money you promised me I've accrued

You say you don't trust me well why should I trust you
It doesn't matter who is wronged in your life it's just you
That you're concerned with
How fast you've turned bitch
Amazes me because in the bed you were just kisses
And wishes, of you being my missus
It seemed reality but no backstabber is my mistress
Sickness is all I've gotten from you and maybe hitlists
Who knew someone so beautiful was so vicious
Witness malicious acts of relentless
Mischief my dick was just part of your equation
You're a chemist
I'm nothing to you but some digits
Miss it
Our relationship or do you miss dick
Tell me
Because I really want to know
Were we really in love or were you in love with my pro
Fessional sexual treatment that's perpetual
Conflictual continual tired of your habitual bullshit rituals

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