Genesis - Team ISH Lyrics

My team ball like Kemba Walker
On ya'll Husky niggas
ISH too clean for ya'll dusty niggas
Going ham on a 16 bit flow
See, that shit's graphic (Trust me nigga)
Lames castin shade on the squad
But keep Unagi on their iPod
Ya'll air ball, Drew Brees
Well your season's over bitch hit the tee
Shout out H.O.P.- We not choosin'
That means you can't take your pick
People ask me if they can join Team ISH
I'm like, "Bitch get up off my dick."
Ya'll motherfuckers ain't slick like Rick
Ya'll tried to play, now pass up the sticks
Better yet, pass up your chick
Team Chalupe on a bitch, got her riding on dick
Now I'm spitting wannabe kids all on that clit
Let me fall back, that shit's too sick
A memo to y'all on that forgetful tip
I already told ya'll that we the shit
Team ISH the best, what the fuck ya'll figure?
See the flow hits hard so grab your taban helm like you're playing that Chrono Trigger

[Hook - EZITO]
(Got my crew up in this set
Got my crew up in this bitch
EZITO and ACE is coming through so we represent
Got my crew up in this set
Got my crew up in this bitch
This is chapter one and that's the start like a Genesis)x2

Keep it real dope on this OG beat
Bitches be down with the OCE
Put some Ace in the mix
Then you face with the hit
But don't O.D. like the ODB
TOP but I keep it low
POP but I keep these hoes
Sike naw though
Fuck you trick
You can suck my dick
And then you go

Got a tempting and addicting flow
Can't get enough like you sniff some blow
Hit the jay like Cole
Then your brain might go (where?)
Who fuckin' knows (Knowles) like Hov
You say you need that, go to rehab
Take another hit, more sacks than a teabag
Where the geeks at saying that we be whack?
Always trying to go so attack with the b-bat
Nigga we savage (nigga we savage)
Get our cake up while we try to live lavish
Somehow we manage (somehow we manage?)
Salary, celery, getting this cabbage
Lettuce go get the green
22 carrots of gold and some peas
Step up our verses and bars on the beat
So you niggas will know that we do got that heat


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