Do The Catcall - Stephen & Tha Boiz Lyrics

Put yo' leg in the air, put yo' hands on the ground
Get yo' head to the sky, and do that catcall sound
Do the catcall
Do the catcall

[Verse 1: Matt]
There are some things you need to know
My boi, James Werick, takes it slow
On the first date, touch his prostate
On the second, well I reckon
You can try to hear his catcall but you can't
'Cuz his catcall is off the wall
He's half seagull, half bald eagle
It's so regal, listen people
Ya understand?


[Verse 2: James]
I do the catcall every day
I literally do it every day
Matthew Lippman, fuck you bitch
You’re a faggot, suck my dick
Your rapping about me fuckin' sucks
Your mom heard that shit and said "aw shucks"
She was banging me in my condo
My dick like that shit like Mondo
Burger like from Good Burger
That shit’s my favorite movie son
You smell like rancid horse scat
Your dick looks like a dead rat
Your dad thinks you’re a disappointment
But I’m just playin' boi, lend me some ointment


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