Chillin’ Wit Da Boiz - Stephen & Tha Boiz Lyrics

[Verse 1: Matt]
I spend all day every day chillin'
And you can't join me unless you illin'
Stephen & Tha Boiz - fuckin' girls, hating midgetz
But if you ain't a dwarf girl, gimme yo' digits
Alex, James, Joe, Conor, Stephen, and Will
Whether rappin' or tappin' yo' girl, we got skill
Ya hear someone moaning, wonder "What's that noise?"
It's just yo' momma chillin' with Stephen & tha Boiz

[Verse 2: Olive]
I'm in Stephen & Tha Boiz but I'm a fucking lady
James is my daddy he's the one who fuckin' made me
He fucked Aaron Markel, out comes Olivia
And Aaron passed down a box full of chlamydia

[Verse 3: James]
Rockin' Johannes Bach like I'm chillin' wit' Paruta
Headin' down to Sea World, bitch I'm fuckin' wit' belugas
Stephen & Tha Boiz, splashin' on your bitch like Shamu
I'm chillin' wit' tha boiz, fuck wit' us and we kill you

[Verse 4: Adam]
Yo, I like titties, all shapes and colors
Nommin' on those titties like two glazed crullers
As, Bs, Cs, Ds, white, brown, black, red
When a girl shakes her titties, she be messin' wit' my head

[Verse 5: Stephen]
We so sybaritic like Fyodor Karamazov
Bitches in my crib and they take they fuckin' top off
Relishing the libertinage of our blue lubricity
Make de Sade look sane in psychosexuality
Titties so supple just like Dolores Haze
Booty so colossal, I'm in a fuckin' daze
Dick bigger than the mothafuckin' priapus
Bitches like "damn" and them bitches get on top of this

[Verse 6: Alex]
Call the bitch up on my cellphone
She's on my dick like it's provolone
She can't believe what she's 'bout to see
Cause I play a game called ecstasy
Stephen & Tha Boiz, maxed out swag
Ninja, you our equal like a dirty old rag
Kick back, sit back, and take a seat
While Stephen & Tha Boiz sweep you off your feet

[Verse 7: Joe]
Hump on my lump like I'm Jiggle-Jiggle-Jigglypuff
Chew on my T-bone like you can't get enough
Double double dip, girl you know you're my chocolate
Honey buns run, girl we can have fun, and
Call up tha boiz, and tell 'em bring the sex

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