NBA Song - Spitty Lyrics

[Verse 1: Spitfire]

4 quarters I could never put a price on it
Feels like magic every time the clock starts tickin'
Come out blazing lead the trail for your team
Cuz every king wants to be the Lord of the Ring
Chasing rainbows like a Celtic after gold nuggets
Pump the pistons and score bucket after bucket
Strength of a bull but the heart of a lion
Quicker than a bobcat leave the other team cryin'
Never follow suit I'm different like a maverick
Rocking knickerbockers shining brighter than an asterisk
The crowd's going buck wild ready to play
Timberwolf status how we're hunting for our prey
Rocket launches from the perimeter shooting 3's
This ain't '76 we watch games in HD
Some kinda wizardry the way I'm so absorbed in
This game got me like a hawk the way I'm soarin'

[Hook: Spitfire]
And we're ballin' every day, never ever quit cuz we came to play!
And we're ballin' every day, run up in the spot shooting in yo face!
And we're ballin' every day, LeBron Kobe DRose or MJ!
And we're ballin' every day, Till we in the hall of fame of the NBA!

[Verse 2: Spitfire]

Guard the ball as my life a Cavalier
Warrior run as I slam left some damage here
Hornet stings shooting right in your eye
Clipping points and I ain't even 6 foot high
Never settle for less always aim for first place
Raptor fierce leave scratches on your face
Bring the heat but I'll be chillin' by the lake er
Run so fast you gon a need a heart pacer
Every play is melodic classic jazz
Pounce like a Grizzly break the backboard glass
Tight games settled by a small blunder
The sun's out of view so here comes the thunder
I'm poking fun my lyrics are a spur
Ain't a baller but I play any day for sure
Out in the streets giving people respect
And the Brooklyn boys yelling, "Nothing but net!"





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