Go In Freestyle - Spenzo Lyrics

Am I all, what you all have been waiting for?
They never base my flow upon a basic flow
From the smoke my eyes be lower than a Asian ho
My team hittin', I'm not playing Captain Save-A-Ho
I'm stompin' on 'em like YoungBloodz
If they don't give a damn, we don't give a fuck
I'm used to girls who just give it up
And take it down as they live it up
That's the life that I live
Girl who gave you rights to my crib?
Groupies kicking my door down
Where the fuck is the locksmith?
Calling Gaines for a visual
He drunk as hell in a interview
But at least a nigga not Hollywood
Get her going, I probably could
I'm the brains and the brawns behind the operation;
2pac and Suge
Since a nigga drop "Do This All Night"
Bitches just stop and look
My name ringing in lots of hoods
Fuck 'em all the opps for good
He wanna end my life I gotta Arizona, Skittle pack, and hood
Make me better, practice would
I'm the best, boy practice what?
Now-a-days niggas say they gangbang, just to claim things, acting tough
She next right after her, then she next right after her
Fuck that, get 'em both in, at one time its cracking bruh
I'm with the shits, no actin sir
Smash then I'm Steve Nashin' her
Tune Scott be that nigga and to whom I'm passin' her
All you rappers I'm passing up, it's baby shit, boy pacify
I'm versitile in a catergory, me they cannot classify
I'm in school with the LP, first period, class of high
Mufuckers need to mind they business, get a vest and tie
All black be the dress code
And the G-Code be the pass code
Bad hoes we pass those, in a car dummy I crash hoes
Rich Crew until the world blows
I'm not afriad, let the world know
My D size I have no clue
Ask yo chick, your girl knows
Her toes I curl those
Extendos I pearl those
Ice-cream for you eaters
Dinos she swirled those
I killed this, who goin' to testify?
Mufuckers ain't that slow
Bam-Bam, me a bad boy they put kid on death row
I'm fucked up as far as my health go
But good as far as my wealth go
No I in team but it's a me in team
I did this here by myslef ho
I'm lying I had DGaines help, DJ In-Tune, and Tune Scott
Taught me right from wrong and bonus bump my music; no boombox
We boys bad; Boondocks
I stop time then resume clocks
Niggas hatin', that ain't shit new
Cause everyday I get new opps
Run up on me get clue clocked
I made bitch, is you shocked?
Ridin' around in the new drop
I'm up next, the news dropped
I got them racks like Yo Gotti
And move smooth no robots
I can't handle no girlfriend they too dramatic
Gucci's on, low top
Yes that is how I roll Doc
Ridin' around and I'm gettin' it
Mufuckers trying to set roadblocks
Play your role until the role stop
I say my name then her clothes drop
The rule is: don't wife a bitch, that you met on ho stop
On the block you post up, well I post up on her poster
Me burn bread, no toaster
I need to sit on Oprah sofa
She blow my whistle but it ain't Too Short
One nigga told me "Bro Rich Crew is all that you sport"
Smoking's bad for you if that shit is Newport
Girl you just can't do me, that's what me have a crew for
A crew for, a crew for
Girl that's what me have a crew for
Girl that's what me have a crew for
I go in, I go in, I go in
No look pass, No look pass, I'm scorin', bitch I go in

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