Don’t Wanna Brag - Sir Michael Rocks Lyrics


Little nigga I don't wanna brag
But these bitches don't know how to act when they see the swag
We in the truck, slowly in the drop
Ride around the block chop and blaze watching for the cops
Its always greener on the other side
How you know that you can't even do it if you never tried
Its plenty Remy and its plenty weed
And we bout to take it to the moon baby What you Need

[Verse 1]
This Is How we kick it on a Monday
Taking all your hoes cause you are squarer than a milk crate
Better hold your blunt straight
Smoking on that skunk stank
Swag dripping wet like I got dumped into the dump tank
Could have signed me For half price but you a month late
Probably was on lunch break
The laziest ones always taking them naps
This ain't that, you got wack timing, you cardie is back signing
Harder that a cinder block, its the december baby
Repping my set I do that a lot
But a ho ass nigga is something I am not
I'm finding fees, baby finding them flops
She got an easy East Indian but live in the Bronx
Man if this is the one, if this decision is done
If she's just in it for the cash, what if this bitch is a con?
But these are questions that arise trying to make up your mind
The one to make a nigga want to quit before he even tryin


[Verse 2]
Now could it be the Rossi, The Remy, the Cliqout
To have you pretending that you know what we know
But we know that your steelo is below
You a pidgeon, you a bird, we dont feed those
You see the sax fifth on the sweatshirt
She need a bag, we need a bag, so baby lets work
I got a job for you
I can give you the position if you want me to
Its kinda like a magnet how Im drawn to you
Cause all the bad bitches passing the baton to you
He talk shit like the girls in the saloon would do
And Im a big dog baby marmaduke
We plant seed for the money then we farm the loot
Po-pos took their time to swoop, my man got shot
Me and the son the same age
I ain't seen him in a couple years and a couple days


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