Pink Cocaine - Sage Williams Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Sage]
Drink champagne
We chilling with pretty bitches
Sniffing pink cocaine
Thought I told you once before
Girl I ain't no lame
I blow through an ounce a week
Girl it ain't no thing
Millionaire music, girl I bank that change
Bout to get the distribution in the "Crank Dat" range
Giggle Gang since forever twistin' stank
And TITS keeps us laced
Complimentary, we do the shit you can't nigga
Why you stay tryna be somebody you ain't nigga
Waka Flocka, I go hard in the paint nigga
God behind me but I'm far from a saint nigga
Tell these niggas and these hoes
To get down and touch their toes
Lay your money on the floor
That's just how it's gonna go
If they don't then I punctuate 'em like an undersco'
And yo
Let me catch my breath dawg
Press pause
Dream Squad got these niggas checked off
If not then we go hard 'till we get soft
Charging motherfuckers like they're tryna make collect calls
Came up short
Why the fuck they tryna get tall?
I could care less dawg
Vintage shit, Les Paul

[Verse 2 - MiC Kurb]
It's only right the kid Kurb came through
I'm the newest rapper in the ASF crew
Sage came through tryna drop the new new
So I listen with the Beats
That's what real G's do
Green tea, man that's what real G's brew
Paper airplanes, that's what real G's flew
It's all real talk, all my homies like "True"
Everybody hates Chris, so I'm finna be Drew
Ain't it something?
No one matched the lyrical component
Of this rap shit, boy I own it
Tell you if you never known it
Nikes got me going
And the stressing got me zoning
And this baby shit you spitting
Prolly got a brother growing
On a super duper level
All my life I been a rebel
I be skipping boulders
Homie out there skipping pebbles
The importance of this meeting
Ain't relating to the season
When you figure out the meaning
There won't even be a reason

[Verse 3 - Sage]
I talk shit when it's appropriate
Giggle Gang associate
So every single track I make is
Considered an opiate
Niggas start talking
ASF is just the dopest kids
Never let 'em win
That's what the motherfucking notion is
Rhymes clean, I live beyond dreams
Bad bitches pop lock and dropping
MiC Kurb and Abstract on my team, so
I will not stop until I'm king
Haven't made it, but I'm famous in my mindstate
When I blow up, I'll be just like Kanye
Young niggas taking over as we know it
So next time you see a rapper's mama
Give 'em my condolences
I'll be rolling in a golden Corolla
To my performance
Ever since I dropped my album
It's just been show after show
Niggas wanna catch my fade
I tell em, "Tell me when to go"
Niggas wanna hop on tracks, I gotta
Tell em how to flow
We just sitting here laughing at 'em
Passing round the dro
Me and Rob throwing cash as that ass
Hits the floor
Is you asking for more?
How could a nigga say so?
They dope, we baking soda and pink lello

Drink champagne, we chilling with pretty bitches sniffing Pink Cocaine

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