Cops - Robert Ray Lyrics

Yea, ima just let yall get a quick freestyle you know. nun special, I just had some random stuff I needed to for the right place to come in, that's all...

The rain hits the window pane (pain) causing more of that
Concrete jungle and like dora im exploring that
Open up my mind like surgery
Just to steal the hearts of people who have never heard of me
Burglary, to the third degree like burns to the bone
Its me and the klik (clique) we have flown on our own
Leave me alone (a loan) because my life full of debt
Hope I pay it off with the blood and the sweat
And know
Getting high is my new low
I wanna tell you she is lying but damn its so true though
It hurts but they say the truth usually does
But see that's how it goes when you stupidly love
So its your bad, I see you are so mad
So your gone give up and be loved by no man?
Let me get off that...

Open arms I got em here
They put me in a box can I please get out of here
Now I ain't gotta fear the hatred
I say ima pace it, but there she go naked
Swear im so jaded, its tasteless but real though
I mean we just cut once but heals slow
So its still on my mind I look for a dime
But the main ones (that are) fine wanna change all the time
Did you catch that?
Maybe its way over your snapback
Got class so I spit the backpack rap that's
Keeping it popping on the wack ass black cats
Your girl gets nun because her back and her rack flat
Im sorry I had to say it
All this gratification im trying not to delay it
But they tell me that is just how the game goes
Dnt decieve like cops in they plain clothes

Hey yea dont decieve like cops (x2)
In they plain clothes, but you know I ain't playing tho
Yea, spitting straight off the dome, yea im so gone
Im chilling at home, ohhh noo...
Let me get off now..

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