Sol - ​re:plus Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Is it nature or nurture?
A common curse is a virtue
Truth spoken but not lived, yell and fell churches
My hand searches, for a reason to write verses
A meaning of this, in poetic etiquette circles
Full of themselves, stuffing their egos with lyrics of self
Of what you got, and what you spend, and what you can sell
Like a self short, a full game half court
Light a new torch so we don't get off course
And breathe, one more listen to the elegy
The devil's melody of what if and never let it be
As it is, the evolution of Leviathans
Swimming through the higher sins of science so try again
My defense obtained a higher fence
And rip it down till' I get burned like Icarus
With wax wings, but this new set is everlasting
Dope, crackcaine, we see you're overacting

Bright light wisdom, floating through millennium
Hands in the air, it's the love that I'm living in
Yeah, you the truth even shining through the moon
Arise so the lies will remove, move son

[Verse 2]
Sun in slippery moments
I'm moving, grooving with cautious
Eating honey and locusts working on my Magnum opus
Dipping into the ocean of thought, I got hopeless
And then I wrote this stanza, got you hypnosis
Standstill, like a landfill filled with anvils
Watch a man build pyramids from an anthill
Dreaming, got the thesis but I'm seasick
Please complete this thought, my mind in a Preakness
Running, with skillful cunning, jumping the obstacles with logical
Understanding, demanding impossible outcomes, I outrun Apollo across suns
One love while I move the people without guns
I want to go and simulate a life on a chess board
Caught you slipping, didn't say UNO so now you draw four
Maybe a game, no single changing the lanes
Moving in different direction but things stay the same


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