Keep It Thoro (HOT97 Funk Flex Freestyle) - Pusha T Lyrics

Unpolished, unapologetic
This cocaine cowboy pushed us to the limit
You thought Tony in that cell would've made us timid
We found his old cell, bitch, we searching through the digits
Anything Spanish, got me speaking Spanglish
Money's universal, that's the only language
The dream ain't die, only some real niggas
We was born to mothers who couldn't deal with us
Left by fathers who wouldn't build with us
I have both mine home, let's keep it real niggas
My better half chose a better path, applaud him
Younger brother - me, a spoiled child, I fought him
I heard that the Devil's new playground is boredom
The California top just falls back like Autumn
And they say I'm on the verge of winning
I'll claim victory when Malice on the verge of sinning
Old habits die hard, the rainy day bag buried in the backyard
It's Heaven for a hustla, no graveyards
Cause stand up niggas don't lie on no floors
Much rather burn us, ashes to ashes
Mix it with the powder, sell it to the masses
We gon' keep it tight, rip it out the plastic
Now you celebrate, muthafuckas raise your glasses

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