Im on my way - Patrice-___-shwagg Lyrics

I been living on my own for like enternity for the things yhu new of me
I never thought to be
The badesst b**** up in the game u shouldn't cross to see
The worst of me
Hatred stands before me
They life comes before my hand that's why some of these n****s no me
That's why I rub my head and den I stomp my fight
Im off task so much im f*****g up the beat

I stands there
Like no sound
My head gone
Dease n***s put me dwn
Dey talks s**t we. Im not around
Dats ok
True religion has been found

Im on my way.way.way
To find my heart.heart.heart
Until dis

Im on my way.way.way.way
To find my heart.heart.heart
Till dis

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