Golden Child - Osyris Lyrics

You already know what it is my nigga!
I've been doing this shit for too long
I been letting niggas know what it is
But I think it's time I let niggas know how I'mma truly blow up
Word up yo!

Uh, straight outta Yonkers, shit I'm east coast repping in the setting
Man I'm letting niggas get schooled off what they getting
And I ain't hating dog I'm saying
History is in the making
Said I suck over twitter?
Boy you're sadly mistaken
Me and the music related like Eli and Peyton
And all these lame niggas planning to blow, but a nigga inflating
Said I'm pissed off man
Like where the fuck are my fans?
When I see the chance on the streets
I'mma give him the hands
Like why you ran for so long, for years I been writing songs
You fucking pussy ass nigga, put yaself in a thong
Cause you talking with ya ass out
Let a nigga profit, I'm a prophet
Stop the gossip, faggot niggas in the closet
Like Narnia nigga, cause you nothing but a pale bitch
And I'm the GOAT nigga, that's some greatest of all-time shit
I'm fucking stoked my nigga, cause you hoes my nigga
Dressing in some colored pants, toms, and a bow young nigga
I'm black tee, gold chains, Js, and some jeans
You niggas lost ya mind like an addict at the age of 17
But fuck the dress code dog, I gotta grind and get mushy
Gotta take my standards as high as they mothafucking could be
I'mma make it word up, I need more people to push me
And I put that on everything like Paris Hilton's pussy
I'm fired up mothafucka, tell me where is my pyro
Hotter than Cairo bitch my heat goes where ever I go
Like LeBron and Wade, homies better play in caution
You niggas celebrating, ya faggots straight up Chris Boshing
Throwing champagne on ya face, you ain't working hard enough
I ain't got time to celebrate or think about the fucking trust
Cause a nigga dropping rhymes that hit harder than lust
Baby girl remember me? I took out the U in us Now I'm left with the S, so I'mma put it on my chest
Save the rap game and appreciate whatever is left
It's me mothafucka, Osyris the God, the golden child has spoken now you niggas get back on ya job
Said it's me mothafucka, Osyris the God, the golden child has spoken now you niggas get back on ya job, word up

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