Haile Selassie - Nacho Picasso Lyrics

[Verse 1: Nacho Picasso]
Coca-Cola here here, not RC
Bizarre me mere mortal? Hardly, hardly
Rastafari color Ferraris
Fuck a sphinx them Egyptians should've carved me
I see some Eatza bun and dishes tryin'-a starve me
No one can bust my bubble, bitch, I'm like the Barclays
Cause I just bubble with my niggas like the Marleys
Now every month we got a different kind of car keys
Whole body tatted now I'm looking like the carny
Who tryin'-a harm me? You and what army?
Haile Selassie with a splash of Marcus Garvey
I'm John Belushi meets Chris Farley when I party
I say my name (Nacho) and I do a little chuckle
Getting harder to be humble, Harry Potter to a muggle
Got a hired body double, got a body in the duffle
It's harder to be subtle when you're Tarzan of the jungle

[Hook] (x2)
I'm Haile Selassie, me and my posse
Haile Selassie my eyes hella glossy
I'm Haile Selassie, don't ever cross me
Haile Selassie, that's why the feds watch me

[Verse 2: Nacho Picasso]
She Ethiopian, do everything but opiates
He ain't got no juice left, he is a Fruitopian
I'm from the ghetto but we live in a utopia
Fuck a iPhone, I did it since a Nokia
Norse God of Mischief, I'm rapping like I'm Loki, bruh
Okey dokey she don't know me, blow me on the low key, hon
Think you're getting on? I think he's getting conned
Shere Khan, Shao Kahn, shit, Chaka Khan
I'm Raekwon mixed with Geng' Khan, reign on
Call it backboard, cause I'm something to bank on
28's on a Chevy, gotta raise it more
Get a scratch on Ol' Bessie and I'm waging war
Mouth full of golds and I'm fighting like Crazy Horse
They be digging me, they need to dig my lady's corpse
Voice is hoarse, selling horse out a '80s Porsche
Snorting blow off my dick like she Traci Lords

[Hook] (x2)

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