One night - Mystikal Lyrics

Stevie J
Young money cash money
Fast life, one night

[ Hook: Birdman]
We did it all in one night
Same night, it’s one night
We moved it all in one night
The same night, over night
Took a flight, did it all in one night
Fuck a nigga bitch, all in one night
Took another trip, all in one night
Split a nigga’s shit, all in one night
Overnight, ship the same night
Pay the price, the same night
Hit him up, leave it since sunny bright
He rolled the dice, so he paid the price

[Verse 1: Mystikal]
I’m still the nigga off of Tchoupitoulas
I’m still funky like hustle new
Just don’t let ‘em take the call from Cuba
You saw me on the news but you know what I do
I was down, and nigga I don’t fuck around
Cuz I’m pound for pound and I’m blow for blow
Got another year for ’98, ‘99
Been gone since ‘04, got out on parole
Shit, rappin’ this man and nigga I don’t just kid, nigga got my spot
Still hard like a locked up cock
Simple but the same with a locked up pac
Come and behold, they open the gates so
Brace yourself big, about to shake up the block
Can’t just lock up the prince of the south
Came the time right you didn’t fuck with me
Put your mold on, slot ‘em, cold ‘em, hold ‘em
My shoulder gets cold in blood
I brought the motherfucker like it’s ape charge
I’m high enough to slide between the water
I’d give it to you but nah they don’t get it
I’m shovelin’ the gloves but hands don’t fit it
Take up a video and later get to know ‘em
Get the motherfucker for preaching to Levy
I taught that detainer. Artist, painter
Sweep that finger, bang ‘er
Cuz your motherfuckin’ head I’mma blow off
And your body hit the floor and the carpet stained
Have the nigga that you won a star should you go to war
But you’re more than a gruesome painter
When it come to rappin’ get some lollics and then put ‘em all together and use ‘em
Aha, I’m a fool with a tool, I’mma beast in the street
Put the fucker on the door but the law got feelin’ to the riddle lemme kill ‘em to the beat
Fuckin’ records, I’mma stab ‘em with them repper
Get the phone with the chrome and I’m lone with the bone
God dammit, I grudge when I bust ‘em
Three hoes with some dudes, they’re alone in the room
Better off gettin’ hit by a chain, ran over by a truck or fall of a house
Dare to fuck with me then my work, choke me on yourself ‘til you pass out
And the fuck I don’t get no shits, and you son of a bitch, you’d better watch your step
Hey, but the microphone’s stickin’ out your ass and the goddamn Corvette ‘round your neck
Stevie J


[Verse 2: Jae Millz]
It is what it is, motherfucker what it is
We so YMCMB and the B stand for biz
Stand for bang, stand for Benzes
Stand for Bentleys, stand for Bugattis
Stand for bank, Rose bottles, beach life
Beat them hands with it, be like
Stunner, why they got me started? I was just chillin’ (word)
Now I gotta kill ‘em, bullets the size of chitlins
I got that old rapper clapper feel like I be in heaven
I send his ass to hell to dance to the devil’s rhythm
Never dropped a album but I got a pocket full of cash
So dear rappers, fuck you and your swag
I just came back from France, did 2 shows
Now the big face Rollies, I got 2 of those
Awards on my wall for my pen, I got a few of those
Some made niggas who paid, I got a crew of those
I used to dream about pornstars, now I’m screwin’ those
This YMC in business, fuck you think I do, what’s up?
(Hold up)

[Verse 3: Detail]
Talkin’ about, live for it
Her head good, can’t imagine what she did for
Let’s fuck tonight, baby bay
Yea tonight, cuz tomorrow is a workin’ day
Get it early baby cuz I’m blowin’ up
Maybe some time in the future I see just how you holdin’ up
Tell you nigga, you choose it now
Say you’re shiftin’ gears, cruise it now
Let me tell you something
I make beats, I lay tracks, I write hooks, I love God, I fuck bitches. Fact
Don’t take long, I’m all night
I’ll pick you up, you ball right
My applause is that I’m all in but I’m thinkin’ ‘bout gettin’ back
Get it all, man get it all
Never let that cup spill
I’m fresher than a motherfuckin’ shaker
Okay, our night is young and we on
Feel good and you hurt nigga
Cash money and young money
I’m ‘bout that, see the shirt nigga
The shirt nigga


Young money, cash money that’s right
We on top and we never gonna stop
Number one crew (YM)
Getting’ rich (CMB)
Believe that
Stevie J
That’s right

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