One Eye Up - Mr. Garth Culti-Vader Lyrics

[Hook x4; Sample, Jay-Z, Black album, December 4th]
Hustlers, hustlers, we don't sleep, we don't sleep, rest one eye up

[Verse 1: Mr. Garth Culti-Vader, abbr. to Garth Vader]
Woke up in the morning with a bunch of weed to push!
Trainwreck, Purp, and OG Kush
Fuck you don't know crooked popos, government officials, and Mr. George Bush!
I gotta little bit of common sense to make dead presidents come back to life
Back with a price with a bag that's nice, wanna go think twice but shit ain't right
Hustlers, hustlers, we don't sleep, we gotta eat or put shoes on our feet (feet)
Walk through the street and slang this weed, go talk to my peeps and see what they need
Quarter P's of chronic trees, Purple OZ's, clones and seeds, sea of green, 215, a hustler's number one dream

[Verse 2: Myster DL]
At the G's chop the crop in the hills, G bag it up and hit the block for the bills
If you ain't heard we got it locked on a mil, got that Cali weed got 'em calls for the fills
I'm a hustler, I sleep with my eyes up with the shotgun man till the weed dries up
My man really gotta hide up when they fly up in them helicopters trying to scoop the supply up
Why else would those police eye us, escape when they ride 'em, they'll never find us
Me and G-Vader hustle for the green paper whether we bag them grams, or the green acres
See it's all the same (same), players come and go but the game never change (change)
Hustlin' blood it go steady through my vein, always ready for the change man that's the only way (way!)

[Verse 3: Garth Vader]
One eye up, one eye shut, when I bust people go nuts!
Blunts of dust, roll another pound
Watch me go get down and please don't fuss!
Back on up, this is what
I like to drop when I roll up a crop
Watch out for the cop when I hit the block
With a pound of pot, that shit won't stop
Hustlers, hustlers, check me out
Hotbox a house with a blunt in my mouth
Mr. Garth Vader with the bomb ass flavor
That's what that shit is all about!
Sometimes I keep on rollin'
I'm holdin' so much chronic my hustlers keep on callin' cuz they know I won't sleep on it

[Myster DL]
Hey you messing with Humboldt's finest right now, Mr. Garth Vader...

[Hook x4]

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