Downtown Swinga ’98 - M.O.P. Lyrics

[Billy Danze]
Ayo what up cobra, it's me (prime time!)
BD, I get better with time like a fine wine
You see, ever since I was a youth
I promised to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth
I never been accused of perjury
I will clap gats at 'em cats if they try to murder me
You heard of me, (Hilfigga!)
Oh you better know it baby (ill legit!)
But I try not to show it baby
Cause if I got to show skill, I will
I'm comin from Brownsville, (Downtown)
Swingin this bump bill, bringin it so ill
(You niggas been warned)
If I get to sidesteppin' and grippin' my weapon it's on
Once I stretch 'em I'm gone, the old thug way
(No need to stress him he gone)
The no love way
Fuck him! cocksucker I'm lettin' you know
You lookin for Brook, you went to Fizzy Wo, we Downtown

[Hook: Lil Fame and Billy Danze (X2)]
Who bringin this? Downtown Swinga!
Swingin this
Down here we be the kings of this
Never gassed to do, what I have to do
Splashin' you, blastin' you, international!

[Lil Fame]
Stand back when this nigga kick off, the black stallion
All-American slash Trinidadian
I make a dummy fold, dig him for his money roll
Take the dummy's soul, blast shots in his skullyhole (Gangsta!)
Mister fizzy Wo gettin' busy yo
Make motherfuckers ask, "What the fuck is he yo?"
I tote the .45 when I feel I'm doomed
Fuck them cassettes I don't plan to die no time soon
Down, Downtown swinga
Mash 'em out (no doubt) blast 'em out (no doubt)
When it's hammer time we crash the house (no doubt)
Regulate and clear the punk bastards out (no doubt)
Yo I illustrate and design for those doin' crimes
Totin' heat and in the streets like yellow lines
And I'm here to represent for 'em
So bow down, to them cats that swing Downtown


[Lil Fame]
Oh shit! It's on nigga
Pack your shit, and get gone nigga
Here come Fame, Bill Danze and them (right!)
Ain't no tame to handle 'em, (true)
Cuz when I'm on a mission duke, grippin' a pistol duke
Hot slugs be twistin' you, it's traditional
(Let's cock back the chrome) And wreck the party
And I'm that one nigga that fuck it up for everybody

[Billy Danze]
Get em up, clak clak!
Hit 'em up, bookah bookah!
Whet 'em up, bucka buck bucka!
Shut 'em up, for good
We regulate this hood downtown soldier
And we will lay your ass down told ya
In a heartbeat this is our streets we're divided in crews
Bet' not nann one of you motherfuckers move, speak to me
(Make moves) Wrong nigga to cross
A lot of niggas found they self lost, and tossed in the fire

[Scratches, samples to end]

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