Broads - Miguel Lyrics

It'd be easier to get past
If this bitch wasn't so bad
Now I'm caught up in a lost cause
Fuckin broads
My girl's searchn' through my shit now
Which means I probably need to quit now
And I hope I never get caught
Fuckin' broads (x3)

Hold up, check it out
Hold up. Okay, so my boy comes to the studio and tells me this crazy story so I had to write about it. But, check it out, um... I'm gonna leave these verses open for all the other artists out there that ever wanted a feature from me. So, uh, it's pretty much your time to rock out. And yo, don't forget to mention Art Dealer Chic for me. Uh, make it dope. Art Dealer Chickl Vol. 2

[Music resumes]
Fuckin' broads


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