Paradise - M.I. Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I was 14 when them thoughts came
Dreaming about this game
And my girl believed in it too
She the one that mean the most to me, fame
Ain’t the reason I feel the need to explain
I don’t even need a reason I claimed
All I really needed was beat and a sheet and a pen, I’ma be okay (hey)
Back then it wasn’t bout shit
Except this Hip Hop, now it switched
I did it for the fact that I could’ve put her in a pad
Ain’t no looking back, I’ma put it pass
Get back to the past, yeah the time when I had a better grasp
You better believe I’m getting back
Forgetting the reason I’m attached
But it ain’t for Christina
She’s just a girl

(No No No)
This could be paradise and maybe she's just a girl
(No No No)

[Verse 2]
So they show us this so-called Paradise
Open us up to an unfair fight
In a world full of Parasites
And the people in the middle all terrified
Cause we living with a vision unverified
They put it on television and prepare the vices
Compared to the price that we paying for the liquor and the pipes
And the packs of the smokes and we sinning every night
Its really kind’ve bigger than we know
Fuck that, put a stripper on a pole
Put a 20 by her feet, tell her give a little soul
And again she sold out
She hit em’ with a show
And she really only do it for the doh
Or so it goes, I’m seeing thru it
She don’t know
Got her living in the middle of a city po'
Known for the dreams that end up on the flo'
So I’m living in a moment
So here’s a token of apology cause I’ve broken
These promises to my momma this that time to get to my goal and fix my focus
I get the win when I play the coldest
I use to really think what I needed was a co-sign to get her to notice
I’m beginning to know she’s just a girl

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