NoThing - M.I. Lyrics

[Verse 1]
They been talking about nothing (nothing) So Fuck em
I ain’t got no problem tellin em’ that I’m above em’
I told em’ that I got em’, when I hit em’ they gon’ love it
I do it for my people at the bottom sitting with nothing
You listening to suckas
You trippin if you ain’t fuckin with me
I’m sick with this shit I should see somebody discuss it
I’m something else so enough with all that shit you come up with
It must be luck cause you suck but you all in public
I’m wondering now who’s funneling thousands into muthafuckas that sound like
Nothing that should be found
Its nothing to me, I’m out this bitch
And if the label heads are picking this then I don’t know about this shit
So go ahead & keep all that
I ain’t finna leave, I’ma need you to fall back
They say we gotta see the reasons fiends give it all back
You see, I see all that & say
They been talking about nothing

They been talking about nothing
But they been listening
So I don’t even know who to blame, I’m saying
They been talkin bout nothing

[Verse 2]
So what we talking bout, real shit? We talking about rhymes?
You ain’t talking about a million then you wasting my time
I been hearing it all my life & I’m witnessing it this might
Be the shit that’s been killin us and we living inside a fight
& this pipe is part of the vice
& we paying for it, dealing it
Giving it for the price
Then we mix it with sprite
We ain’t living this life right & we know it
RIP all the ones who died I’m alive
And I’m listening like, how do people connect?
I guess if the beat is louder than nowadays it don’t matter the message is intercepted
Tell em’ they need a Tek & they need 1 right now this second
These niggas gon’ ride out on you based on the color you dressed in
Get rid of that weapon
& pick up that pen
Think of a couple of different things
Something to get you ahead of the shit that you let get the better of you
When you vent and you went and you sent us a letter defending
Everything you was pretending


[Verse 3]
I ain’t never seen this many wannabe rapping
Happen to have a track, a mac, a microphone, a sac of weed & some raps
That he wrote on a napkin, a Cadillac captured on camera passing
A couple of ho’s in back of the whip to keep us distracted
I’m acting like this don’t work but shit, listening to your verse
Is bearable when you sitting with chick in that mini skirt
But you terrible and its written in pen and you inadvertently
Shared the shittiest-shit ever recorded on this earth
Na, I’m just kiddin your kinda cool I’m just perfect
Na, I just put in work & its worth it, I hope you nervous
So give it to her
She lit up the herb
Picked it up where I left it in return
She recited my verse and forgot about yours

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