Rick James - MC Freeman Lyrics

[MC Freeman]
Let's do it

I'm Rick James, bitch -- JK, bitch
Gotta cop an AK and combat this lame shit
Constantly commenting on the nature of the beast
People say that I'm a creature, Freeman the superfreak
Here to creep on the beat, make it by J. Dilla
Always liked Steez Mack better than Mac Miller
Spitting ill shit, real shit, spilling no-frills shit
Fill it with my skills -- oh, shit, I just killed it
Flow from one topic to the next with no connector
Cause my flow so electric that I need a surge protector
Who shocked ya? I'mma clock you a good one
Glock you a handgun, but it's all in good fun
Honestly, I don't give a fuck for the economy
I'm like Visa cause I'm everywhere you wanna be
Now take a good hard look at all these fucking wannabes
Now look at me, now them, now me, now which of these you wanna be?
Huh? Uh-huh, see, I thought so
Call me Otis because I'm so soulful
My soul it ain't guilty, but it sure is filthy
Cause I got no shame, and these haters won't kill me
I'll be damned if they get their greasy hands on my birthright
I was born to do this shit -- oh, I know, right?
Reigning supreme in this holy rhyming empire
Rome is burning because my lyrics caught fire
The pages is blazing, and this amazing phrase
Is making haters run for cover like The Amazing Race
I fuck Amazing Grace, ooh, we going so nuts
Fill her with my hot glaze, time to make the donuts
Coke is a hell of a drug, if you ask me
And if you disagree, son, you gonna get your ass beat
I'm never gonna give this shit up, like Rick Astley
But I prefer Rick James cause my funk sick nasty

That's good

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