Intro - Luke Christopher Lyrics

Me personally, I couldn't imagine being any more in love with the world
After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure
What if alone but together we could rule the world
Not today, then tomorrow
But then again, today is yesterday's tomorrow
I suppose, if I must, I will be the spark that lights the fire in the peoples’ eyes
Just because it is gone, doesn’t mean it is dead
Don’t call it a rose just because it is red

[Verse 1]
This one goes out to Mr. Donaghue
For laughing at my songs
Man I love that man, but he was so damn wrong
Goes out to Mrs. Stephens
Wouldn't believe I'm on the rise
When I was writing rhymes said I was wasting my time
Goes out to Atlantic Records for making me out a fool
Saying I had the music, but I lacked a little cool
Goes out to Def Jam saying, "Man you could rhyme
But your singing game's a little ahead of its time"
Goes out to Charlotte, Charlotte do you remember me?
Remember how you were embarrassed to date an MC?
Goes out to Grandma Truck, I'm 18 now
And the mistakes I make seem to make me now
To Grandpa in the clouds looking down saying
"Lukie you got 'em now take 'em cats to town
And show 'em cats around and show 'em how you get down
Promise to astound 'em as long as they allow you"
And this for all those cats that I was ballin' with
Saying rap ain't finna get my ass a scholarship
And how come every teacher's motto is
Music ain't gon' do for you what college did for me
That's the problem there see baby I ain't you I'm me
Tonight I'm gonna party with the people that believe
We all gon' raise a glass for the people that can't see
That tomorrow's just gon' be another day without me
I'm a young nigga wit' a purpose
And that scares all them niggas over 30
And people talking shit in cubicles don't hurt me
And I don't need nobody to deem me worthy of this (worthy of this)

Oh, we're taking this home, cause I got a feelin', that we're not alone
I came from the bottom, ya'll should've followed
Ya'll know tomorrow comes today
So why would we waste the days away, waiting for tomorrow, tomorrow

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