Fuck Heroes - Luckyiam.PSC Lyrics

These living legends suffer from a lack of politrickin' lookin' at these fliers from these festivals we missin', thinkin'
We would rip that shit down if we was on the bill, everybody's on a tour now tell me how it feels?
Hands in the air wonderin' if they're really listening do they concentrate on the words or the fame or the MC dippin'
Since it's popular to mention, the fans they run and they jump into these venues
Some be knowin' some some don't have a clue about this crew
Outside of the inside with our own style, but the time they come around, bet you will not want em'
Confidence I flaunts quick and I'm polished and abolished all whack shit of examples of how we float like comets with them particles on our tails. Articles are for sale. Publicists buy you ink love now give up your mail
Now if you ain't got none good luck on gettin' the job done
That's why I ask for the covers of these magazines they publish just to fuck, with the editors competitors of rubbish
That music that they cover is that music that we're dubbin'. I'm above it, and y'all love it
They wanna dis us, but they can suck it. Fuck it

Hook [Slug]
Fuck ye heroes and I mean it
Love she zero, can you see it?
Test your nerve, all I be is
Stress my word, and my penis

Can't walk around without gettin' talked down off of the edge
Lets see if they know the ledge, off with the head
You still got the body to deal with, a little to blame for a lot of that real shit
You could carry pride if you had a free hand or you could signify and open up the wingspan
Or show dignity live a modern deity, or just shut the fuck up and be a part of the scenery
Frame by frame. I hate most about the game is the jollies and the mollies actin' like they know my name
Don't show your ass until you're runnin' away and don't say shit unless you got somethin' to say
It goes...


And its worldwide by word of mouth, Probly how you heard about this crew known as legendary
But since its fool words let out, Lotta' fools don't recognize, the work and the art we materialize
Imperial ways improvin' the stage mic display we energize crowd becomes an abundance to witness the mighty movement of independent components that hold attendance with true shit. I mean this from the intro they show be rockin' the show us. Journeymen been doin' it since way back. Try to raise, that element in me. Even though that's not my see low make it eloquent and free. For the universe to see that we've been hated on at times that can't keep us behind the gate to try to remind the fate to suck a dick and take a break

Now what you really know about, slinggin' new CD's when the show is out?
I see em lookin' at me funny while I make a little money
Jealousy be the fuel that be gassing all you dummies, so step up, Stupid and make your move
My right hook will hit your dome like an eighth of shrooms
Have you seeing things hallucinating, plus I got two that's waiting
Right, left, right always makes a killer combo. That was just one punch from my wicked ensemble
Now I start to rampage like gorillas in the Congo
Ima stomp your ass till my crew come and get me Till you wake up in a wheelchair with a nurse saying "Timmay!"
We all backstage chillin' next city sippin' (Remy) (Really?) You think you put your hands on a legend while im outside chillin' with my fans and my brethren and on this track with PFC and a man called "Seven". Gandalf got them beats worth a G times eleven


EXPLOSION! Ima take it to the next west explosion. Watch your ass in this test yes, EXPLOSION
Sunspot make your whole body rock like a quarterback sack clock any shadow movin'. At tag time you losin', waiting when you can be moving. When its so hard to believe in yourself. So I believe in the fake pound of wealth. Oh my lord can you see me? Free me from false idols on TV
Negative energy controls this world, now you thuggin' in the suburbs with words you got off of TV
But wouldn't dare be caught on the wrong side of town without your bodyguard around. Even if kevin Costner was down

It's like that y'all, its like that x7

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