G.U.N (Acronym) - Kodey Cornell Baker Lyrics

Ayee Yo I got Myself a G.U.N Bla Bla Bla NY UP H.O.L UP GT UP
My mind is a weapon my mouth spews bullets I just never had a safety AK oh fucking K

[Verse 1]
Just let the flow H.I.T you like round two of a fight I Kodey is the heavyweight C.H.A.M.P you would be lucky to live one another day If these N.I.G.G.A.S are king then I am G.O.D I shall raise everyday and shine again like the S.U.N your my S.O.N I am your Dad why you mad? cuz you below me bow to me and while you there blow me let go of your dreams of every beating me this ain't M.L.K kid

Ayee Yo I got myself A G.U.N

[Verse 2]
Kodey Cornell Fucking Baker coming in long range sniper Shoot you ya D.O.A ya body, Destroy ya Mind ,body, soul who's gonna take care of your L.A.D.Y have her all up in my room wearing knee pads, dressed scantily clad, laying on my mattress pad we about to make a F.I.L.M time with me is a Kodak moment from up in NY BX down to FL and all around I'm the modern afrodisiac love is war ya bitch is my fucking opponent we F.U.C King everywhere I keep my P.I.M.P hand strong throwing lefts and rights she gives me N.E.C.K she opens her leg J.F.K just for Kodey Yup Yup Yup ya bitch is R.F.K really fucking Kodey


[Verse 3]
I am the one Kodey Baker and I'm in this for the long run Y'all dig the long ball I just hit a homerun Y'all, gonna L.O.V.E me I'm New york's favorite son Jamaican blood what fa gwan with the rotti make them say NYHERRRRRRRRRRRRR I am Kodero Dulce De Leche Panadero success feeds my ego I'm the decision maker the C.E.O and movie maker, and ultimate risk taker

Guns to the sky bla bla bla
Throw some K's

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