Up & Away - Kid Ink Lyrics

Yeah we with Up &Away we go we go and I don't wanna come down
The party just started right now Up & Away
We go we go baby don't get lost hold tight cus we about to take off Up & Away
We go we go Up & Away (x3)
I wanna stay

Verse 1:
I don't wanna leave, come near me you don't wanna breath
High from all these wannabees, sitting back just wondering
If I'm high or is it just the lights
Got to live every night like it the end of my life
Hey miss forever 21 party like it's 2012
Throw champagne in the air till it look like a wishing well
I wish you well I wish you could
It's like niggas all to good
Finally made it to the top
From way ms understood, now they under us
I'm having a little fun with her
It ain't a lot of room for all your friend but we could bundle up
Shades on like Ray Charles ready for take off


Verse 2:
Up & Away but I don't need a cake
Like James Brown when I come through
But you probably need a drink
Light it up lighters up
Won't be long till it hitting it
Yeah I'm on I'm on like somebody flicked the switch
Now move your body like a sea
Girls running besides me in my ear talking about how
She gonna eat me up like a zombie
Watch me get get it in get her out ?
Ain't a thing check my game it's on point like a fang
This Rosé this ain't Nuvo
Pockets on sumo, Juno oh Juno
Attitude is Tupelo
Addicted to the fast life where everything is moving slow


We ain't leaving (x5)

Till the lights come on (x3)
We ain't leaving
I know you see me
Up &Away

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