Redemption Days - Josh Osho Lyrics

[Verse 1: Josh Osho]
Sweet, sweet were the memories
Songs and the symphonies
That we had yesterday
Ohh, free, free were these city roads
But now feel so overgrown
And hard to escape
But deep beyond the surface lies
An eminance that never dies
Your fall was so unjustified, but still you carry on
You’re a soldier, oh you’re a fighter
Don't go and waste another day
Just take what comes your way

Oh, if you know what you want to feel
How high do you want to feel it?
If you know what you want to say
Oh I wanna hear you say it
If you know where you wanna go
How far do you wanna take it?
‘cause no matter what mistakes you’ve made
These are your redemption days

[Verse 2: Josh Osho]
No white flag outside your door
A navigator for the shore for an easy getaway
Your mind looking out for circumstance
Is really gonna make the difference
To know the right game to play
And voices tell you to behold
Upon the wreckage lies a soul
That knows the path to fields of gold
It’s where you wanna reach
You’re a soldier, oh you’re a fighter
Don't go and waste another day just take what comes your way


[Verse 3: Ghostface Killah]
For the Holy day cometh when you chose your destination
A man sacrifice his life for salvation
So we can sing Bob Marley songs of redemption
You a believer or non-believer, there's no exception
I walk through the ashes when the Lord burns the sinners
Barefooted, all draped out in linens
Repentended, I lived though sacrifice
And now I wait my eternal residence in paradise
I walk the righteous path through the garden of Eden
With the enlighted mind I got from the knowledge of readin'
Hard to believe I achieve through divine intervention
I’m a soldier I’ll be standing on the day of redemption


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