Bad Bitch In A Sundress - Jay Complex Lyrics


The greatest cross an artist has to bear
Is the ability to fully express oneself
A Gift to everyone else
But a curse to themselves


And I been thinking bout her
Every second spent on the thought is just a happy hour
While she indulges in the same substances I bring
Simultaneously reminding me that I’m her king
She’s bad when she ready, but she’s good at it
I swear the top is so insane, that’s a good attic
Then in the streets, she so professional, I would addict
All these thirsty niggas probably feeling that they could have it
But nah, I’m way deeper than devils
Not even thinking bout bezels
I got that gun from portal 2
So now I’m skipping some levels
Without forgetting where I came from, a wannabe rebel
The bed is covered in petals
But still she don’t wanna settle
I’m just confused with a mixed signal
You say you love me, but being my wifey isn’t in you
Yet you tell me everything I do is perfect
When I tell you that you’re worth it
Cold shoulder, shiver/shiva, Hindu


Bad bitch in a sundress
So blessed
Oh yes
I might say yes...

Verse (1:36)

To any question that she could possibly ask me
Love and obey before I even get to asking
I’m still living at home, curfew is very much on
And even Michael couldn’t buy time lasting
That’s why I’m out here with you past 3
Semi-ballin, though my salary is fasting
This is far from the last thing
Cause we got dudes out here robin/robbing like the bat wing
But oh no, no, they can’t steal you from me!
You see I keep her locked up in my stomach!
I swear to you its the quickest route to my heart
Butterflies keeping your company
There must be a God
Oh good golly gosh, can a breeze blow
You fucking wit the future president Ms. Mary Munroe
80 degrees, you pull that shit off with ease
Fresh to death, open casket with the scent of febreeze

Verse (2:48):

Don’t give me all just cause I asked for it
Give me all of you like I’m essential like your passport
Cause I can take you places too, but it’s all on you
Now talk to me like the last word
Last breath, last step, last password
That you used to hack inside my heart like the last nerd
I bet I made you laugh with the vernacular
But somehow you refuse to choose something so spectacular
Just tell me what is your desire?
I’m just sitting here getting higher
I guess now I know why I didn’t write a third verse
Until you left, I’m so inspired
By the pain, it’s no mystery what I’m saying
Cause my entire life’s a joke, but it makes the music insane
This is not a cry for help, and not a plea for attention
I just never learn my lesson, I’mma sucker for detention


Extracted from "Good Will Hunting". The break up scene

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