Welcome to D-Block - Jadakiss Lyrics

[Hook - Eminem]
Welcome to D-Block, the city of broke down dreams
Where things ain't always peachy keen as they seem
City of dope dealers, killers, pimps, pushers
Panhandlers, hustlers and doped out fiends
The sun don't shine here, in this part of town
But we all got a town that's similar to this too
Say every city's got a ghetto, every ghetto's got a hood
Take a good look around you cause there's a D-Block near you

[Verse 1 - Jadakiss]
Place where ain't nobody that proud, it's a fucking black cloud
That got people under the impression they can act wild
Working around though, cause if you can pull a trigger on the pound yo
5 minutes flat, the whole town know
Lotta assuming in niggas' salary
More lies than truth definitely more rumors than reality
Only way you beating a body is technicality
Other than that catch 'em in Clinton on the gallery
The determination and dedication and discipline
Listening and catching the jewels that you was missing
And they still doing coward shit
You know the hate is gonna always be heavy but the love overpowers it
Something in the air but the older they get
They kill you quicker over a girl than over a brick
We don't play with the lizards, we make phrases up and say 'em exquisite
Anytime you can pay us a visit


[Verse 2 - Eminem]
Welcome to D-Block, the mighty mighty D-Block
The place in New York City where Diddy won't even walk
Its D-Block, the part of Yonkers I wouldn't be caught
Without two pistols on me that'll be cocked in each pocket
D-Block don't even stop to talk, you just keep walking
Stick up kids every block who watch for every opportunity
As soon as you leave out that jewelry shop
And you won't even notice your mind will be so
Preoccupied with that new watch you just copped
You won't even see that ride pulling up alongside you
You'll be shot 'fore you even realize you were spied on for three blocks
D-Block the place where O.G.'s get knocked, locked up
Get out come home for a week and get re-knocked
You won't even see cops, hip-hop police don't even stop
On D-Block, where everybody wants to be 'Pac
And you can get popped over the new G-Unit Reeboks


[Verse 3 - Sheek Louch]
If you bust and your gun got niggas on the run
And you rep where you from nigga you D-Block
And you trying to come up and your pockets is light as a cup
And don't give a fuck, you D-Block
Aiyo bang bang nigga, let's get it on
Always been a monster, but its worse now that my son's been born
And every nigga where I be, I put in work for free
It's D-Block mothafucka, hey yo grab this P

[Verse 4 - Styles P]
Welcome to D-Block, a place where little niggas is killas
And the mother's raising the sons to turn into gorillas
And the hallways is pissy as hell, all we do is get bigger
More ignorant, you send us to jail
My niggas shoot anything that'll move
Sell drugs, from the rise to the sun to the fall of the moon
I'd die the way I stand with my man if I can when the shells come
This is D Block, ya'll welcome

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