Cultural - Isaiah G Lyrics

Verse One

Ay man im cultural im social with my science
So I’ll probably make a mural like the incas and the mayans
So alliance of cultures will gang up just like some prisoners
Vietnamese and black so your friends call you vinegar

I get it, and all our literature is so concise
And everybody like to cook its fried chicken fried rice
So think it twice, im still the best out that you know
Big time Saturdays like telemundo

Im number one on cards you could say im playing uno
So Chinese people like to kick it with me like judo
No sumo, wrestlers this is lucho libre
But pass it to the blacks in the 100 meter relay

And freebase, we save that for minorities
And whites are all the crooked cops corrupting the authorities
But lets stay for better cultures always bring some flavor
We will cut u if you hate us I ain't talking about razors but…

Verse Two

Black men on the train try to lecture
Look thru my vision u‘ll see colors like a spectrum
That symbolism for the way we seem to vary
And religion dictates how many people u can marry

So accept different ethnicities they not really a threat
And you learn that when u attend jones college prep
But if u step, over the boundaries u bound to be killed off quick
In a flash of light like flicking back an on and off switch

U hear these things I'mma probably make an outline
U white travel east, travel west for the Sioux tribe
Just be diverse, and rehearse, what u saying
U will say some stuff that’s racist and u really think u playing

But its straight I love everybody, don’t discriminate
And populations everywhere can try to assimilate
Now let us bond we can probably shed some tears
Now a moment of chill for racism over the years………………..

Brown, black, white, red or yellow
No matter if its fitted cat or rocking a sombrero
Race come together we don’t need to start a war
In the end its gon be several races walking thru door and, (x4)

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