Who Shot Me - Honey C Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Who shot ya?
Said the motherfucking doctor
Shit, I don't know just touring with my partner
They got the story mixed and shit
With their own versions and different shit
The same night I prayed to God
Just thanking the Holy Father
He made a star and shit
A youngin still ain't die
But let me thank destiny I'm still alive

[Hook 2x]
One time, cause the younging still alive
Two times, cause a youngin ain't died
Three times cause fate had my side
Thank God, thank God, thank God

[Verse 2]
Just another show at the venue
Ordering a meal from the menu
Promoters got their info messed
Telling other artists they're part of our set
Damn, I ain't trying to disrespect
I'm an artist myself who's just trying to be next
Still, we was trying to get shit done
While they getting pressed and we ain't know none
T-Raw hit the stage and the crowd was tuned
As I made my may to the dressing room
Rehearsing and practicing till I was so
Then it was my turn and the outfit go
Heisman 1 and Heisman 2
Surprised all the people, Too Pussy To
Showing the fans love and then I said peace
Still is the reason I ain't do meet and greets

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3]
We got in the car we was waiting outside
T-Raw still on, it was almost off time work
He was about to spit Rack City Bitch
Then the homies who was pissed tried to throw shit
Fuck, T-Raw wasn't with it
Just World Star the homie, you'll see how we did it
'Who threw it? You threw it! You threw it!
You did throw it nigga Why you lying nigga?
You threw it! Alright see me outside my nigga'

I ain't had a clue about hem guys
But I was being watched cause I felt the vibe, all day
And it grew with time
And T-Raw had a car and it looked like mine, ain't it fucked up?
Green light changed red, ain't it fucked up?
This one car next to us, ain't it fucked up?
How the streets got dark, ain't it fucked up?
Fifteen through the car, ain't it fucked up?
We all got down, smelling my own blood
Waiting for a sound
Ain't feeling shit I was numb
Shocked and paralyzed
One from the gun, bullets through the tires
Stuck at the block, listen to the screaming
Then I felt God
Doctor said I was fine
It was just fate cause it wasn't my time
Doctor said I was fine
It was just fate cause it wasn't my time
God Bless!

[Hook 2x]

90's Gold baby
Honey Cocaine bitch
Who Shot ya?
Who Shot ya?

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