Welcome To Goodbye - GhostWridah Lyrics

[Verse 1: GhostWridah]
In the booth on my 13th hour
I'm born in the dirty, all I'm missing is the shower
Black fist high, all I'm missing is the power
I'm killing every beat, all I'm missing is the flowers
And if I'm dreaming, hit snooze
Cause winning feel good when you ain't follow his rules
And when I say 'his', I bet you wonder who I'm talking bout
Put these size 9's on, see if you can walk it out
Niggas sneak diss, but in the streets they wanna talk it out
Y'all niggas doors off, me I let the doors out
That's McLaren talk for you slow niggas
And I don't drive one yet, but I know niggas
With quite a few in front of the castle
Graduated to real, need a gown and a tassle
Valespitorian, all black DeLorean
Fly into the future, make a stop and let shorty in, uh, uh, I'm gone

[Hook: AG Lyonz]
Welcome to the future
Come, you're all welcome, welcome
Welcome to the future
Come, you're all welcome, welcome

[Verse 2: GhostWridah]
Look, the word family's overrated so I trust few
Too busy trying to get the suites with the plush view
Promoters put me on they list, I tell 'em 'Plus 2'
Labels trying to fuck me, like old rubbers, I bust through
Now that's a line for your ass
I'm cautious of the snakes that be lying in the grass
I ditched my old chick cause she was lying in my past
Now my present's too precious to be fucking with your ass
You're now rocking with the New Miami
And 'fuck you's to the people who don't do Miami
I used to yearn for gold chains, now I'd rather Grammys
The streets say I sold out, I call it better planning
Then I finally got a deal
On the pursuit of happiness, I finally got a will
Riding with my Jada, still chasing lyrics
And if I ain't the best then I'm the closest one near it, you hear it?

[Hook: AG Lyonz]
Welcome to the future
Come, you're all welcome, welcome
Welcome to the future
Come, you're all welcome, welcome

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
So long, it won't be long, before we get on
So this is goodbye, but not for long, yeah

[Verse 3: GhostWridah]
Look, heaven only knows what the future holds
Some say it's full of champagne and groupie hoes
Others say it's all fast cars, slow nights
Pretty women making wrong turns but they blow right
Meanwhile, I'm just trying to get my dough right
So left field, but goddamn it feels so right
So bright, I could sub for the sun
See I'm just trying to hustle up some grub for my son
A house for my mama, a Phantom for my leisure
I'm shaking up the world, no seizure
If life was a movie, then this would be the teaser
I jog laps 'round these other rappers, no breathers
Either you with us, well you know how the rest go
You can send the haters my regards with a XO
Ex-ho mad I ain't laying pipe to her
She adores fast living so I let her life screw her....Wridah

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