Vodka & Ayahuasca - Gangrene (Oh No & The Alchemist) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Oh No]
This is a acid trip, rancid spit
Psychedelic capsules with some packs of shit
Vodka and Ayahuasca to capture a glimpse of ecstasy
You won't need a tiny pill in this bitch
Now overdose over the doses prescribed for dotting over
The pot smoker, too high to be sober
I bleed smoke, my weed smoke is kief soaked
The re-broke, the re-rolled
Enough to make 3 choke, 1 pass out, 2 weed smoke
When all's gone, we re-roachin it; re-toast
We boast about that kush we roast, best gross
Top dollar, top of the chart, that's the west coast
If I ain't high, then I must of just woke up
I stay high into the moon, till the sun rose up, then I make clouds appear
The gas is massive, I'll clash your gastric, smash your glasses
Back from the ashes, spread like rashes flashes
That man to man, this be a classic with new cuts
Fuck that, gashes act if you a now inactive bastards
Bring it back, it's at ya
Double G

[Hook/DJ Cuts x2]
So high, So high, So high
I must be out of my mind
In your system with extra strenght
Travel at magnificent speeds around the universe

[Verse 2: Alchemist]
Mix the Vodka with the Ayahuasca
Indian Shaman; the witch doctor
Leave your whole body stoned like Jimmy Hoffa
No stopper, cause once I go under water I go lower than Davy Jones locker
Double G's a show stopper
Headbanger, the dome rocker, makes you noodle like Pasta,
For sure, the one and only gang bacteria
So quarantine the immediate area
And it only get scarier, aerial attack; Mosquito Malaria
It's no sparing ya, don't procrastinate, I'll assassinate ya character
Palm a Derringer, "Shoot To Kill" like Tom Berenger
Yeah, If I ain't high, I'm not woke
Still dreaming, still flying through clouds of pot smoke
Blunt schemin, Marijuana mixed with rock coke
Places you could not go
Wall full of birds like Roscoe's
What you expect though? It's a psychedelic expo
What I'm poppin' is not a Mentos
So tune in and drop out
And let the best go ballistic on the tempo
Mad Man Mike; Dr. Demento, Alan The Chemist,
Fill up the jars, now it's replenished
Mix the Dimethyltriptamine with the Guinness
Double G society's menace, OX tenants, L up in Venice
Time for me to handle my biz, hide women and kids
It's Double G!!!

[Hook/DJ Cuts x2]

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