Flame Throwers - Gangrene (Oh No & The Alchemist) Lyrics

[Verse 1: Oh No]
It’s all live, yeah, this is double G equivalent to 2000 degreez
Smelt down titanium like a metallic sea
Transform a river into the T2, what you waiting to send us to G2
Your eyes only see two Gs
Criminals so illegal, we lead the fibril
And stunting like it’s Evil Knievel
It ain’t a sequel it’s a prequel
I berth your status is not equal, I’m first to town
And while lethal how I can see you can talk to

[Verse 2: The Alchemist]
Going like the wind through the trees in the summer breeze
My eyes only see 2 Gs, two force and you letting them
Jacking cheese on the back of the cope, the words I wrote
Before open face surgery were the racket
And go at your throat, chemical imbalance flopped on
Mentally challenged, promote violence and flamethrowers
Burn down houses to a crisp, crazier combination exists
It only happens once in the blue like a solar eclipse

Put that fire to you if you knew my fix
I let their heat melt you and the longer they exist
Big flame throwers, y'all ain’t fucking with this
Got fired yeah, got fired what
Got fired yeah, got fired what, Got fired man
That’s fire like a flamethrower, every spot gets blazed over

[Verse 3: Oh No]
See me?
I’m a cop smoker
I cannot be sober
I’m a lot Soldiered
Locked in the cockpit
Leaned over
Corrupt ambition
Air forcing the old numbers
Nostradamus, your futuristical prophet
Done balling
Make spending
Before you got it
That’s no credit
No collateral
Bet them
We go animal
Let it shred them
I debt them

Get up, get up

[Verse 4: The Alchemist]
Put them to sleep, I rock them good
Father just stall, I taught him good
If you wouldn't, couldn't, you want to, should
Probably would of did it already, more fire
You’re running out of wood, no husk
And no for sparking, come back that
Like loan sharking, shoot the crowd 'til I'm talking
This is a lot like wood floors with no carpet, I emerge out of the darkness
To resurrect the life, this carcass … into the double G office


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