All Bad - Gangrene Lyrics

[Verse 1: Oh No]

Basically we back to the basics
What most lack is basis Zodiac faceless
Face this, one too many times in these places
Patient is out now, y’all are about to get replaced and word of mouth
Is y’all niggas wanted, I think not
Y’all thought wrong if y’all thought Oh wouldn’t be hot
C’mon man, I’m blazing your block
I got the heaters, shit I’m about that re-up and fire trees up
Calculate them Gs I’m trying to free up
And I got fam that’s all Ged up
Beating y’all for a couple of Gs up
Hey look for a few of them Gs down
I’ll blow your ears with the loud sound
Opposite of a silencer, that gun wild
My rain is heavy, my reign is steady
My ring needs to be kissed dog, you’re that bitch
Where’s my manners? You’re that miss
Serious assault bang

[Verse 2: The Alchemist]

Now say hi to the bad guy
You step over the line it’s like you stepped on a landmine
A cannon on my side but I don’t flash till it’s hammer time
Surprise, pop up unexpected and handle mine
In the foulest way, dog putting it down straight
Ground water with no chaser, I’m throwing it down straight
Represent the Cali state and I’m holding em down great
Dr. No so controlling the soundplate
Yeah spin that back while I sit back and spit that off-the-wall rap
With no format, sit em in the corner, give em a dunce cap
I’m good with the numbers, you can check out the punch stats
Spring rocky cause I told my jeweler to chunk that
No, scratch that, what you did? I threw him a stack and told him to match that
Fuck the limit, I push it past that
Hopping out the trash can like Oscar the Grouch
Cause I’m a bad man

[Verse 3: The Alchemist]

I’m cool then I’ll flip like Hekyll and Jekyll
It’s like break a boulder down to a rock down to a pebble
Scientist, I’ll break a compound down to a metal
Under the ground so deep nobody ever get down on my level
Ear tuned to the sound of a rebel
Wild style, don’t give a fuck if the letters are legible
? physical, never take a break in my schedule
I’m locked in, hold it, who’s that man that just walked in?

[Verse 4: Oh No]

Dr. No straight to your head like a cat scan
Ask the Chemist, he’ll say I’m a bad man
I come from a bad land where it’s the last man
Standing in the middle of Baghdad
I’m programmed cracking the cranium
Bad bashed the bomb strapped
Armed terrorist cause I bomb tracks on contact
Killing them without contracts, it’s raw raps
All facts, y’all better get back, it’s all bad

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