Completely Irrelevant - Fortify Lyrics

(Verse 1)

Shining bright all day like the bathroom light
My hands and mind it takes two like a tandem bike
I got open sores and stone floors longer than mordor
Two eyes and two ears I can't afford more

To be that good probably has to be a blessing
I'll take what I can get no need to ask what I'm getting
Here's the setting his majesty will leave you guessing
The crown and ring go together better than a wedding

Damn dude I can't stand all this flim flam
The game is unbalanced then I guess I'm the kickstand
A hitman trying to make the next hit man
While he plays your jam I'm the man picked last

You know you're good when you never want people inside
If I just focus on what is right and what I write
I could probably win the hearts of them by midnight

(Verse 2)

I fly high sky high
Right by the ocean you'd think I create high tide
But some days I'm on and some days I'm off
I'll rip apart the sheet and think it pays to be lost

That's not the attitude it should matter bruh
Look at me I'm in summer school taking algebra
Let's see if this beat I chose sticks with me
I'll write a song and not record I'm a little picky

But it's alright because I know I'm good
They wanted good so then I showed I'm good
At least I think I'm good
If only they saw my folder and my rhyming book

Yeah they would definitely change views
But no matter what you do they'll just hate you
So I'll just keep writing and maybe record a few
But who wants to hear about me man I'm a boring dude

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