Flossy - Far East Movement Lyrics

[Hook: Kay]
Diamond chains don't mean a thing
You by my side is all I need
I'm flossy (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm flossy (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Dipping through the clouds is how we chill
All eyes on me is how I feel
I'm flossy (yeah), I'm flossy (yeah)

[Verse 1: Far East Movement]
Got me buzzing on your love, straight shot no chasing
Heartbeat hitting harder than the bass tonight
It's all good tonight
Feeling richer than Jay-Z, stunting like Baby
Take the wheel girl, drive my crazy
Tonight, everything's all right

[Bridge: Far East Movement]
Yo, everywhere we cruise all eyes on you
That's my boo, that's my boo
Everywhere we cruise all eyes on you
That's my boo, that's my boo

[Hook: Kay]

[Verse 2: Far East Movement]
Like a fresh new tat, I forever want to rock
I want to hit the avenue and show you round the block
Cause we young, we fly, and we thirsty
So we gonna live it up like it's your birthday
Hypnotized, I could never take my eyes off you
Used to have a rack of honeys now you're all I do
Iced out coupe for your iced out boots
Going ham with my cheese, baby, cordon bleu

[Bridge: Far East Movement]

[Hook: Kay]

[Interlude: Far East Movement]x2
Floss your bass in the air right now
All my bassheads turn the bass up loud
If you're feeling that thump then throw your hands up
Dirty bass flossing in the house

[Hook: Kay]

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