Take 64 - Edmyster Lyrics

Umm edmyster umm, this is your last take , you have to make it this time
Its 9:59 you have to go 10:10 mkay ? here we go edmyster take 64 !!!

[Verse 1]
I keep my mic steady
Jaw breaker like eddy
Rhymes heavy so I needa weigh my shit
Bat man couldent cave me, in with a bat hand uranium
Think about my lines and itll melt your whole cranium
Not funny when your blammin him
Puttin thugs in hospitals for free like a canadian
No your not savin them
Shoot with bullets made with titanium
Got stain like a black bleacher at a gymnasaim
No ones chasin him
When I float, spittin quotes so take notes
From this snub hero , colder then a winter spent with subzero
Im shootin icicles bitch, stay floatin like a bicycle kick
Im deeper then the knife that im slicin you with
Of course myster can spit I murder every cyph that im in
They're all buried when im coughin, in a fuckin coffin
Monuers what im droppin , monovers theres no stoppin
Make your stomach red like 8 story belly floppin
Float like marry poppins
Umbrella like browns bitch , charlie's at the factory chocolate's what he's drowned in
Spittin with the nouns friend
See I picked the right clown
Im fuckin your bitch in her night gown
Tight sound , yall nikkas dont know where the fuck this mic's found
Think your ballin , cuz you got nikes right ?
Bitch you shut the fuck up , your not like mike
Get ready for fight night
Right hook take a fuckin jab , might look make a fuckin lab
Take a fuckin stab if your so sharp
Rhymes at your neck like blow darts
Sleep on this go cart
Take a ride on this dick
I spit shit that will cause survival sickness
No witness , can get on me wen I handle my buisness
I just do my fuckin job see me on blogs ima god
Run this shit while you faggits just jog , call your squad
And youll get robbed , mobbed , slobbed , frogged , dogged
Will you make it probably not , trynna get to my highest level my odyssey stops
My odyssey stops


Good edmyster , you finally did it I guess your good under pressure
I shouldet under estimate you next time umm well like anyway , you still needa get the fuck out
Sooo bye............ fuck you !

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